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Today’s Lunch – 20th March 2019

Published March 20, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

The last few days I’ve been contemplating how to tell you all something. I have a few followers that are obviously of a very strong catholic faith, shall I say. For the rest of you, I’ll put your minds at rest. There is NO GOD! And I say this because I have a cold!

No God 1

I know, shocking right? I’m sure to cover my reasoning and beliefs in the faith department one day. Not sure if I have already, or not. But I will.


When I get a cold, the spasticity in my left arm is not fun, it shakes uncontrollably. Hope it doesn’t in public.

I have a cold

I haven’t been able to tell if I’ve had hot flushes or a fever but I just happened to be seeing my GP yesterday and he agreed it’s a fever. So, drugs! Yay! Me! Please be the ones that help me shed some pounds. I do already have the probiotics you should take with them.


I thought to empty my waste paper basket of tissues before my Wednesday carer arrived because she is acting like I’m contagious and I’ve got the Black Plague, lord love her! (She’s going to read this and growl!) I told my GP I tried to separate two black garbage bags and I couldn’t so quickly throw them aside. He told me they can be hard with two hands. I put it down to Child-Proof and therefore, sometimes Helen-Proof!


I usually have a stockpile of tissues in my home and I burnt through that in two days. Good thing I live close to the German shop we all love. Stopped in and got enough to last a few more days. On Friday I can have some real drugs, Antibiotics.


Meanwhile, today’s lunch, somewhere different today! Lamb pizza with lemon and my medicine!

Lamb PizzaLatte










And a picture of Mika finally having discovered her new toy.

Mika and toy


Today’s Lunch – 27th February 2019

Published February 27, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I’m starting this post as I do late Tuesday night. I’ve had two rather busy days despite only having one or two appointments each day. But I’m knackered! But I’ve got super awesome news to share before I debrief about actual lunch.



You may recall in the last weeks post, I’ve been mentally and emotionally raw about family putting worth on me and my existence with a cat-pee stained couch, thanks to when Mika coming home last August (I know, it’s been that long) and today over lunch I’ve got plenty of posts to write about my friend Frank, and one of my most hated questions, what is your budget? (Yeah, that one!) so, stay tuned for those! Meanwhile, by the very end of Monday, I had this in my lounge!

New couch

By Tuesday midday Mika was well and truly settled in.

Mika 1Mika 2











By the way, the new couch, it is rather large. It fits five adult bums! I know this because it took a village to get it upstairs and I insisted everyone sit down.  So, I guess I could potentially do a serious binge TV night, if I wanted to and I mean not all by myself. Still trying to get Mika to be a lap-cat but she now has even more couch at her disposal.

Five on the couch

Today I’ve also delivered most of the first bread and butter pudding for the year.


There will be six this year! One down, five to go.

So, today’s lunch is a pancetta quiche with side salad and my medicine!

Pancetta QuicheLatte










And lastly, a media gag-order has been lifted on a particular topic in Australia. George Pell May you burn in Hell!  I think we all knew what it was about anyway………….



Today’s Lunch – 16th January 2019

Published January 16, 2019 by helentastic67

todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Well, I’ve survived another Christmas holiday period when my favourite cafe closes down and while I could go to dozens of cafes closer to home nobody looks after me like the place I’ve been going with regularity for 10 years and I think the regular staff might not have remembered me from before I developed my disabilities, but they certainly treat me like I’m a normal person and well, not asking questions of what I did to my arm, etc. It’s great to be back!

surviving christmas

I’ve already been a little busy organising things to run smoothly for the rest of the year. Chasing up Botox referrals and my new NDIS plan! YES! It’s been approved! I should have it by Christmas 2018, they said, my backside! It was approved January 10th and even that small delay pushes everything back including requests for carers and services. It all counts.  January seems to be a time not worth trying to achieve much as most of everywhere I need to deal with to get anything achieved is still in holiday-mode, or still on holidays. Might as well have a stay-a-way too.

everyones on holidays

By now, you likely all realise how bad my sleeping pattern is? If not, you are about to. Tuesday morning I’d just gotten to bed around 2.30am, took a while to get to sleep and around 3.30am heard increasingly off-putting sounds from Mika. When I went to bed Mika curled up against my leg on top of the blanket purring. So happy! 3.30am? Growling, hissing, smells (you know the ones) and at first all I could think was, “where would she find another cat to be growling at?” I got up to investigate.

sleeping pattern

It was hot! Did I mention we are in peak summer? Every day hot! Even over night! I called Mika’s name and closed the door to the study. She considers it her room. I move around inside without needing to turn on a light. There is enough coming in from the street. I don’t close my blinds. I see Mika standing at the glass balcony door. She is growling. What the? Looking out onto the balcony amongst the jungle of my plants, I spy a slim long-haired black cat. It sees me and scrambles up onto my large potted curry plant. It wriggles through the 2.5-inch gap and is gone. OMG!

balconey gardencalla lilly










I have mentioned I live on the second floor, haven’t I?

Not happy Jan.

Mika hasn’t been let out onto my balcony despite her curiosity at the water running across the tiles, from watering the plants. I would net the balcony if it weren’t for the expensive, and the promise to ‘make-good’ when I vacate and the drama of getting the body Corp to agree to let me net the balcony. Easier to not let Mika outside. She manages to have a view from the windows and there is fly-wire screens so can’t get out. She chases the little sun to get her vitamin D! Cats do have their priorities after all.

black cat

Now, time for eating and writing. I’m way behind on writing. Today’s offerings are, the chicken and turmeric salad & my standard medicine.
Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

chicken and tumericlatte












Today’s Lunch – 9th January 2019

Published January 9, 2019 by helentastic67

todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Sometimes good things happen when least expected and even better if I can give a life lesson. You know I worked in nightclubs back in the 90’s for 5 years? Yeah, it felt like 10, but it was intense three to six nights a week. No drugs and barely any alcohol. Yeah so last week I had lunch with a chick I knew from back in those days. Yes, we were friends yet I hadn’t seen her since those days, losing touch because I moved back to the country for two years and her relocating across the ditch. This was before everybody had a mobile phone.

working in nightclub

While my club career added to my skill set, it didn’t lead to further employment shall we say.
However, meet Skye Bromberg. She was the receptionist at some of the clubs I worked at and the Door-Bitch at another. Telling young guys in bad suits they couldn’t enter the club because she “couldn’t guarantee their safety”, (because the regular patrons would want to sort them out)
Club work really can lead to bigger and better careers.


And here is Mika playing with her new toy. Many thanks to Stephanie, she loves it!

mika & fish

And then just before Christmas a gift arrived into my letterbox. It was from ‘Santa!’ and while I do all my gifts from ‘Santa’ if I put it in your hand you know it’s from me. Now, this gift was are specially from the man in red, and I am stumped! Welcome to my Happy Socks!
happy socks

I have been asking everybody! It’s going to drive me crazy! Just crazy!

going crazy

One more week and my favourite cafe is back! So, today’s lunch was closer to home, much closer.
Today’s offering is a beetroot salad with goats’ cheese and my medicine, of course.













Today’s Lunch – 21st November 2018

Published November 21, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Because consistency is the key.
#why Helen should not be on Instagram!

Bread and Butter Pudding


Forgot to take a photo until half was gone. It’s all gone already, FYI, I only had a single serve, gave all of the rest away.  I gave a huge portion to my dinner-dates on Monday night! Went to dinner with my Gay-Silver-Fox and his husband! We walked to a Thornbury pizza place called Pizza Farro. It was really good. Haven’t been for a while and really should go more often.


Also had the best lemon, lime and bitters I may ever have had and I’m not mentioning anything else, because I did not take any photos! Damn it!

No Photo

Have discovered further evidence this week my new fur-baby is a weirdo! Mika has taken a keen interest in drinking from the buckets of water my carers fill in the kitchen sink and carry to the balcony to water my plants. She will drink for a very long time before the bucket is placed out onto the balcony. You. Ishtar imagine I’m a bad fur-parent, however she gets a clean bowl of water every day in her very own shower.

Drinking water

And the weirdo comment?

Weird Cat

Last night I heard a drinking sound?  Kia had gone from the couch, to the table to the little freezer, in front of the microwave to the kitchen bench. To the bucket in the kitchen sink full of water to drink and no, I didn’t have the heart to stop her. Yet to find a workable solution to this habit of Mika’s.


Loving my weirdo cat! She makes life interesting!


Today’s offering, another chicken salad with quinoa and cranberries. I’m in my summer foody rut already and my medicine!

Quinoa and CranberriesLatte










But Christmas has arrived. Making these photos special! Panettone.













Today’s Lunch – 19th September 2018

Published September 19, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Another busy week, a whole lotta crazy! What’s new, right? Monday, I did 5,000 steps. Yeah, I’m a step-counter, at 45 and steps are still important. Oh and today is International talk like a pirate day! Ah, yah! Yes, me hearties.

Pirate talk

Very happily was down at my regular cafe yesterday and got to have one of my favourites, the almond croissant and medicine!

Almond Crossaint

Got to see my GP, who gave me a print out of my latest blood tests. He confirmed my liver is ok (I wasn’t thinking I had pickled it I was previously told I had a fatty liver!) that can’t be good right? But now it’s all good! I’m happy to even donate my liver!


One of my friends mentioned to me this week when you are sliding into the Pause, your weight fluctuates. I smartly asked, “when does it go down?”


I confess I got lazy today and had a kip before leaving home to do “person”. I stayed local closer to home. And my two appointments. Getting stabbed and tortured by my beautician.

Doing person

Today’s offering, a Mediterranean focaccia. (Mina cut it up for me, she’s so sweet!) Medicine and this little pecan tart.

Med FoccaciaLatte









And lastly, I think I should mention Mika my companion cat might be getting a name change to include Houdini, maybe a middle name? We will build on it.

Mika 2

Last Friday, I let my carer out via the car park and returned upstairs, when I went back inside and locked the door Mika made her escape and I didn’t realise for several more hours! Eventually having looked everywhere inside including inside the pantry and the European laundry I checked out in the hallway. Saw my neighbour and as I’ve only met her once or twice she offered to come in and help me find her. She is a nurse who works night-shift. Hence why I never see her.  Now you know I asked if she had eaten? I make my Nona proud every time!


As I had sent out my texts to my other neighbours to collect muffins there was a knock at my door and Will stood there and suggested they had something in their apartment that might belong to me? I’m sorry, I blurted out “Do you have my fucking cat?” His partner wanted to keep Mika and Mika wasn’t much interested in me or returning home. She had to be caught and carried and not by me.  Now don’t hate me, however, my new fur-child is not food-orientated. So, when I had been banging around in my kitchen she had not surfaced and she had not noticed me putting out her food.

Mika 1
Mika has not had a collar but she’s getting one this week and it’s going to look like a charm bracelet, with those things. So, she if found roaming the halls, please return to, “xyz!”

Cat bling

I’m also imagining her out in the hallway thinking all the doors look exactly the same! Feeling like a bad fur-parent!

Bad Fur parent


Hump Day

Today’s Lunch – 29th August 2018

Published August 29, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First, I must share my adventures of yesterday. That being Tuesday. I went on a trip down memory lane! I went “South-aside!” That will mean much more when I get around to writing my post on basic 101 of Melbourne and many, many months before my posts catch up on the backlog I’ve already written. However, in short, I went to a part of Melbourne where I thrived back in my 20’s in Prahran and South Yarra! (Pronounced Prah-Ran! And South-Yarrah) Good times for sure! Chapel street once a thriving cultural shopping hub is now rather lacking and my friend Susanne and I went on a mission to A) Relive my memories. B) find me a new streetwear bag and without meaning to. C) unravel the mystery of why Chapel Street has died? (Many shops are vacant)


Let me say, tick, tick and tick! Mission accomplished.

A. So many shops no longer exist! Sad face. One shop does still exist and when I walked in I was greeted by a very familiar face, bearded now and rather grey, he said he had only recently been thinking of me. It was Jeremy from Shag! (Not kidding!) the Windsor end of Chapel street became cool around the time Grant and Jeremy opened their pilot ship store back in the mid-90’s and I lived very close so often just after closing I would return and go upstairs where they lived at the time and Grant previously a hairdresser would do my plaits in the style I often wore in clubs and on one occasion a serious bee-hive! Also, around this time I decided only gay hairdressers should do my hair! Going to return to this methodology later this year. Attempted with Jeremy to give him the cliff-notes (short version) of what’s happened to Helen’s arm? Sorry, there is no short version.

Beehive do

B. Got my new bag in the last shop we went into and only $20. Done! (False alarm, the shoulder strap is not nearly long enough! Crap!)

New bag

C. We decided with the gentrification of the area and the obvious older population dying off, or selling up and moving on, a new generation has moved in. Apartments have gone up everywhere! I found the 90’s living in that area, the clubs, the street culture, the music scenes and perhaps the lack of the blond Kardashians, also the era where you would go out to dinner at one location and go to a club elsewhere, even a recovery somewhere else. Not even in the same area. Imagine being trapped in the one venue with the same people all night! This is the reality now with lock-out laws. Choose your own adventure gone to hell. In short, the yuppies moved in. Then complained when in the morning they would find someone had vomited in their doorstep and defecated! They would bitch/whinge and moan about it and the things that made the neighbourhood cool would disappear when rent would price the cool people out of the market! Hello, I’ve got my hand up! Lesson Number 1! If an area is really cool don’t live there! Go socialise there, party there. Then fuck off back to the suburbs whence you came.! Problem solved!


Anyway, eventually settled on a location for lunch and had great gnocchi with something-something beef and mushroom ragout, with shaved Parmesan. I know, I forgot, so no picture, instead here’s a beautiful picture of my fur-baby Mika!


D. (There is now a D) I did 8,000+ steps! Just to remind you a normal person should do 10,000 steps a day. So, having a disability and mostly I don’t get anywhere near that. Smashed it! And back in the 90’s I would have done more than that every Tuesday as it was the day I did my rounds on Chapel Street and Grenville Street, back in the day.

8000 steps

Tell me if you liked this extra little bit about what I like to call, Original Helen? Life from a lifetime ago. Before what life is like now.

So, while this has not even my normal offering on a Wednesday, it was a bit more into the life and times of Hellonwheels and definitely good for my mental health!

So, Today’s offering, a nice Moroccan chicken salad with turmeric and a little sweet treat called the Montague and Capulet plus my medicine!

Morrocan Chicken

Montague and Capulet











Hump day

Today’s Lunch – 22 August 2018

Published August 22, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Another busy week, and struggling to get used to the new Wednesday schedule.  It’s my official Punchy/Stabby day!  Ow, it’s my lazy/I might get to my favourite cafe where they all know my name (no, it’s not called Cheers) and otherwise, sneak in lunch at my more local cafe near where I get stabbed!

Favorite Cafe

Mika has settled in, sleeping on the bed with me. I am gradually translating her different meows and noises. All I can tell is she seems to be calling me to go to bed in the same way Jamima my last fur-baby used to come out to the lounge room late with sleepy-squinty eyes with a meow that asked where I was and when was I coming to bed? She had generally been there sleeping for hours and my bedtime is so far past the normal bedtime……..

When are you coming to bed

Also, in the last week my lovely administrator has been responsible for Hellonwheels having a Fanpage  https://www.facebook.com/pg/hellonwheelslifeonehanded  My goal there is not to bombard you with my fun and very cute cat/dog/bird everything posts but to have the opportunity to chat and be in contact with anyone that chooses to reach out. I hope to share some useful tips on how to survive one-handed, without losing one’s independence.

So, today’s offering, Ortolani quiche with the side salad and my medicine!










Now, off to get stabbed! No rest for the wicked!




Today’s Lunch – 15th August 2018

Published August 15, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Have had a crazy week so far so really glad to have only lunch and my stabby appointments now on Wednesday.

Crazy Week

Have no idea how I’ve made it home the last two days! No idea, have walked and walked and carried (learnt nothing from my Milk post obviously!) so much! Got home Tuesday and weighed my bag before unpacking it. 5 kilos’! Unpacked it and it was still 2!


Friday is looking to be a crazy day, with an extra appointment with my guy who made my AFO, my GP and the chiropractor and that’s on top of the normal grocery shopping and my only food prep appointment for the week.


I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday night when I do my prep-work on this post. Is this week over yet? I am always surprised that people have no idea how knackered I am once home. People must see me and assume I’m energetic all the time because that’s probably how they see me when I’m out. They have no idea I got home Monday on a whiff of determination that I had to get home.


I even went upstairs to unpack my bag from my adventures in the city, then went back down to go to the local supermarket just to get milk and kitchen-tidy bags as I wouldn’t make it to Friday. I avoided what I call “Danger Alley!” So, or to buy unnecessary items and you pick which supermarket I live way too close to? It’s the one with all the weird stuff you wouldn’t find in the one place in any other country other than Germany? (Hint! Hint!) still ended up getting about 5 things!


Oh, here’s a nice Lebanese pizza I had last week. Close to home.  Can’t tell you how confused the girl was when I ordered Vegetarian but asked they put salami on it! What?  (Handy Hint!)

Lebanese Pizza

And today’s offering? Because it looked too big to eat I ordered half a Mediterranean focaccia. So, yummy bitter green olives, eggplant, feta and zucchini. With my standard medicine.












Then because I decided I could eat more, this naughty little chocolate tart!

Chocolate Pudding

I stayed close to home before my stabby appointment as I didn’t have the luxury of seeing Young John. But will make up for it by walking home.

Walking home

Also, a picture of Mika my new fur-baby. Just proof she has settled in even sleeping snuggled against my legs overnight telling me she trusts me. Yeah, that’s the sign. For those who don’t speak Cat!



Have a great week

Today’s Lunch – 8th August 2018

Published August 8, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Going to rush through some important updates first if I may, have had a series of MRI’s to rule out a second disc bulge, and anything new going on with my brain. MRI on my head, results, still got a brain up there! (Not sorry, brain injury humour) and lower back MRI. No second disc bulge. Check! Friday’s upcoming post particularly important for reasons why I don’t want another disc bulge. Stay tuned! So, next, thoracic spine MRI and yes! I have a spine! And there is good news and bad news! I love this game, I win it every time, it goes like this.


The Good News! There’s nothing wrong!
The Bad News? We still don’t know what’s causing the problems/pain you are experiencing!

Good news bad news

Have been particularly tired this week, don’t know if anybody else has felt it? I always flick a message to a friend who is particularly switched on to such, her reply did not disappoint! “Yup! There are 6 planets in retrograde and the lions gate is open!!!!Definitely something in the stars and planets!”


Prompting me to reply, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph! There’s a lion and a gate? Are we in Narnia?” caught up with my Boo (sweetheart name for one of my gay friends) last week for dinner. Upon reminding him I have Mika he promptly stated I’d given up on finding a husband? Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Move on!


In less than two weeks Mika is settling in nicely. She is insisting space on my lap in the evening on top of the polar-fleece covered blanket. Making it very hard for me to eat my dinner, as I am in that slump where all meals are consumed on the couch on my lap! Also, when I want to go to bed I have a grumpy cat not wanting me to move.

Mika 1

Ms Tina one of my crazy cat lady friends dropped in last week to meet Mika and the look on her face when I told her Mika only eats dry food! Priceless! Admittedly, that is 15minutes every Friday I just got back not standing in the supermarket trying to work out what the damn cat will eat this time? Mika will be introduced to wet food. But slowly for a varied diet and not gravy-based, the complete opposite Jamima’s preferences, the Neko Cat Lounge paperwork recommended Mika wouldn’t respond well to runny food. Must reset mind-set!

Crazy Cat Lady

And getting back to the point of today?

To write future blog posts. Socialise at my regular cafe and great tasty food. Today’s offering, something a bit different today although I might not eat the bread. Panino Milanese, (What’s that? I hear you ask, exactly) It’s Coletta, cos lettuce, salsa, Augusta and mustard mayonnaise, with the side salad and medicine!












Wonderful day

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