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Published January 28, 2019 by helentastic67



I have been told I’m very blunt, admittedly I’ve been told many things and blunt is a bit of a compliment.


Today, as my case manager and I walked back from the chemist to a quick shop at my very local supermarket, I asked him to follow-up on a ‘chore’ I’ve not had any success with. He went to ‘put it in his diary’ to do later.

to do list


I’m just saying why put off for later if you can do it now?

do today

So I gave him my mobile phone and directed him to search “XYZ” so he could do it as we walked. He prompted “Do you have enough credit?”

do you have enough credit


He is a sweet young guy man, but I call everyone “Luv” these days (I’m 45 years old)

sweet young guy

“I pay enough on my phone account so we never have to have this fucking conversation again”

not having convo

And we are not 12!

He complemented me on my bluntness as we both laughed.

like being blunt

I confess I do love being blunt.

Handy Hint No. 1

Published November 7, 2016 by helentastic67


Handy Hint No. 1

If you ever have to go to emergency in a hurry, always take your mobile phone charger!


Dealing with hospitals such at the best of times, but unexpected visits and stays can drag out and if your phone dies, you are screwed!

Try accessing your contact on your mobile!


Giving out your room phone number and people just keep calling you back on your mobile!

Case in point – PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN!


I once had to consider giving up my Gluten-Free ice cream to a young doctor who was only prepared to loan me his charger if I bartered my ice cream.


I’m not Gluten-Free, but that ice cream and having a saline drip is the only good thing about being in hospital. The saline drip flushes your kidneys and liver and is like having a facial.

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