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Published June 30, 2017 by helentastic67



I imagine Irony has taken on a whole new meaning since I’ve developed my disability and it’s going to require some explaining so hang tight and buckle in!

Buckle up

HACC Services provide my carers through State Funding. It subsidises the fees so instead of me paying $40.00 per hour, I only pay $2.00. I get a carer 3 – 4 days a week for an hour and on Fridays I have shopping or Homecare, it all starts to add up.

With the roll-out of the NDIS, the council still gets funding from that bucket of money, but because they will be expected to offer more hours to their clients, they would rather utilise that funding in other ways.

Like ‘Tourism’, apparently, I have no idea! Don’t ask!


That is another point for another day.

I digress, my council also has a DAC! Sorry, another acronym – Disability Advisory Committee.

It is very heavy on council staff, such as ‘Tourism’ and service providers. However, the irony is this: ‘My council loves people like me to go volunteer my time to share my opinion and input so they can better service their community.

A survey I participated in recently, tells me they are far more interested in not offending the LBTG community, than looking after the people with disabilities and when I say that I’m not meaning any disrespect to Gays (love them) Lesbians (Thespians as I like to call them), bi-sexual (yeah, I know, you just love people to work it out and when you decide, let me know), Transgenders.


Be brave! Be who you want to be (anyone else has another opinion, you should do what’s right for you and let everyone else do what’s right for them)

Hope I adequately explain my opinion, quickly and succinctly on all those topics!

The bottom line is I don’t have time to give my time for meaningless surveys.


T-birds and Purple Trees

Published May 19, 2017 by helentastic67


T-Birds and Purple Trees

T-Birds and Purple trees! My Case Manager told me to quote that when I have my NDIS assessment tomorrow. He suggests it emphasises my (how best to say it?) “Numpty-ness?”

Purple tree

He rang me a week ago and asked what I was up to and I was quite literal as I was reading a post from one of the bloggers I follow. The post was about T-Birds (Thunderbirds the car) and a beautiful purple tree that was about to be cut up. One of my followers will recognise this from her blog.

My point being, sometimes I’ve got to get my “Crazy” on! Because I manage to appear so competent, I almost self-sabotage and I don’t mean to.

Crazy lady

I am competent in many, many ways, but it doesn’t change the fact that physically I struggle and the things I manage to do all comes at a cost.

I mean, try peeling a carrot one-handed. That should be today’s challenge.

I promise you it’s do-able. It’s just such a complete “brain fuck” if you manage it you will need a good stiff drink afterwards and I need a lie down.

Brain fuck

Fingers crossed I don’t have to get the “Crazy” out too much tomorrow. That also requires a lie down because I really hate having to dumb myself down.

I am my best advocate, but if I do it a little too well, I shoot myself in the foot.



Who You Gonna Call?

Published May 10, 2017 by helentastic67


Who Can You Call

No, it’s not Ghostbusters, if you’re feeling down, who could you really call if you need talking off a ledge? If you were to really think about it, I have both parents still. Not complaining, they are still around and I have two sisters, an older, who lives an hour away and a younger sister who lives with our mum again, 3 ½ hours away.

My older sister, I won’t even send a Facebook request because it would hang in limbo.

My mum and younger sister, I can’t call when Masterchef is on, or Survivor, or even Bachelor. I can’t call before midday and I can’t call certain days of the week after 7pm. They work odd hours and sleep worse hours than me and there seems to be an all-round they don’t want to hear from me, so I don’t bother.


Had a call with mum today with my Case Manager here and the call went surprisingly well. I was eating my breakfast at the time so had to be very patient. We were collectively discussing my application for the NDIS. Occasionally when my mum got distracted by the “problems” and couldn’t get to a solution, I found my words.

Phone conversation

I finished the call with my usual sign-off “Love you and leave you” and my mum gave me the phone equivalent of a “whatever”.

Hanging up I shared a moment with my Case Manager that he understood my pain and yet, if I need “talking off a ledge” my mum would want to hear from me.

My advice to anyone, if you’re feeling down, if you’re having a hard time call someone.

Feeling down

Don’t do anything stupid, just call someone. Start a conversation and if you’re that person someone calls and you don’t know what to say? Just say something.

Sometimes, it’s OK if you don’t know what to say, just talk, give them company.

Having said all of that, there is a rare evening the phone rings after midnight and I laugh when I answer. She asks “is it too late?”

I laugh again.

It’s often a very prompt, matter of fact call. Which is fine.

By that time, I’m trying to wind down and arguments don’t help.

Midnight call

NDIS – Life Changer

Published March 22, 2017 by helentastic67

NDIS Life changer 1

The NDIS is supposed to be Life-Changing!

So, today I paid my scooter insurance because the NDIS refuse to pay any insurance.
I’ve tried every which way to have someone other than me pay it.

And I’ve been getting calls from the insurance broker. Seriously missed his calling as a debt collector.

He could change careers but I gather he is an ‘older’ gentleman.

So, to make a point of why I struggle to pay my rent? I paid my insurance. Out of my rent!

Thanks NDIS!
Life changing my ASS!

Ndis Life changer 2

Breaking News

Published January 23, 2017 by helentastic67


Breaking News

We interrupt the normal flow of my writing and posts to give you this breaking news……that means I’m tapping on my iPad, paper and pen put aside for speedy delivery.
If you are up to date on my blog and current affairs in Melbourne, Australia being my beloved home.
Last Friday, the 20th of January 2017 saw an incident Melbourne is not known for having. I’m going to use some generalised terms however bear with me. A young man in a Holden Commodore performed burn-outs and donuts in the main intersection of Flinders Street and Swanson Walk in front of Flinders Street Station. He was apparently screaming out obscenities while hanging out the window of his car. While he used terms like ‘Reign down terror!’ His actions were not perceived to be terrorist relayed. The driver was persuaded down Swanson Walk and the Bourke Street Mall. Both precincts known for being busy pedestrian traffic areas.
For those unaware, Melbourne has had the popular Australian Open Tennis, which is huge with tourists and Melbourne in general. We Melbournians love our coffee and our culture. We are happy and friendly people, so what happened next was (for lack of words,) just awful. The driver just drove into and over people. The youngest victim was a 3-month-old baby who was in a pusher(pram) and two people in their 30’s were killed also. Many others were injured, later reports indicated injuries to limbs and some brain injuries. The latest report is that five people were killed including the baby.
Passers-by pulled together to help the injured people until medical assistance could attend.
The driver was eventually stopped by police who shot him in his car, then dragged him from his car that still sported part of the pusher from earlier.
Now, I premise by saying this is likely not normal anywhere and most definitely not Melbourne.
I generally go to the city once a week. And was only made aware this was happening when out getting groceries and ran into an old carer who mentioned her son was in the city and she was concerned about him.
I don’t spend much time on social media, however I checked in on Saturday night. Lots of posts about sending people back where they came from when they cause such incidents and posts about acts of terror.
Clearly very glad I had not been anywhere near the city on Friday however with all the love and respect and support in the world to those who died, suffered injury or emotional trauma for witnessing such atrocities, I’m a little surprised my own family and friends have neglected to reach out and just ‘check‘ I wasn’t anywhere near the city……
And my point is that the silence is deafening and telling, isn’t it?

It’s now late Sunday night. Ok, it’s early Monday morning and I’ve avoided social media today. Sometimes, I like to let the dust settle on these events and rather than get caught up in the early assumptions I like to get the real facts….. There is no point getting caught up in the drama until the media gets all the information and updates correct.
So far, the reports I seem to have seen somewhere indicated he had mental health issues and not a terrorist related event.
Many posts I did see early Sunday morning, indicated the driver had slipped through the cracks in the legal system and had he been remanded for a prior infringement, he may not have been on the streets to cause such chaos. I prefer to imagine the mental health system failed him and everyone else affected on Friday.

Meanwhile, in a suburb in the North I had a conversation with my mum on the phone about the status of the lovely NDIS. In 2016, I was given the funding that is supposed to be the silver bullet to fix all problems and level the playing fields. My funding was rushed through giving me the lowest level of assistance. The first plan is supposedly designed this way…. So I’m not saying I’m the only one to get screwed. Just stating facts.
Last year Stupidlink (sorry, my favourite term for the government agency that handles pensions, etc) did to review my DSP (Disability Support pension) because apparently, I might be job ready?
So, the NDIS has also triggered an overhaul and review of my mum’s carer allowance although it’s not at all what they told us it’s what they were intending.
Now, I have had great carers who cared from the second they walked through the door and I can tell you I think they love me like family not just because they get paid to care and while I’m transitioning to new carers I’m micromanaging and already can tell I would have the same level of stress free care any time soon.
My NDIS funding needs an appeal/review and my mum, my only family member to actively help me has stated she is not going to assist with any paperwork unless she is paid to do so.
It’s the loneliest moment to feel the government is working to isolate me from the only family assistance I receive because, do they think they have my best (can’t think of appropriate word here) in mind. Because everything else points to the government wanting to institutionalize me and take away all my rights and independence.

I don’t mean to minimalist the events of Friday in the city because in that situation people died. I’m not planning to reach for the razors (my home has no razors) or the pills and let’s hope it continues that way…….
Now, please do not adjust your dials while normal transmissions resume.
Peace Out!

Competition – WTF

Published January 9, 2017 by helentastic67


Competition – WTF

I don’t know what it is with some people and their Brain Injuries. They get very competitive.



And I’m here to stay….. YES IT IS!


Being part of a community of people with Brain Injuries and the community mentality that we can all be grouped together (socially and otherwise) means everyone thinks their Brain Injury is worse than the next person.


No one seems to have any appreciation for how the next person’s situation is completely different to everyone else.


I find it very frustrating that people are actually competing about who is getting the NDIS first. Let me tell you, the pilot regions got it first and in the scheme of things “took one for the Team” and ironed out all the kinks. (well most of them).

Ironing out the kinks.

I live in one of the 4 council districts in North/East Melbourne that are getting it on July 1st 2016,

I have a friend (loose term) who loves to tell me he’s getting it before me!

Um! Let’s call him Fred! And remember, his name is not Fred and I really hope I don’t meet a Fred, be or have a Fred follow my blog because then I’ll be in trouble!


So, let me give you some background re-Fred. He owns his own home, he has family close by who include him in their lives, he can work and study.

He most importantly has a package (ISP Individual Support Package) which pays for carers, he chooses NOT to use because he finds them inconvenient and uses the funds for other purposes.

I know people who have TAC funding. (Funded because of car accident) who won their own home. Some are happy to brag about how poor they are while they have an excess. Some who have their own home because of TAC who are quiet and humble and very kind.


To be clear, TAC funding and people on Workcover because they were injured on the way to work, there supports will end when the NDIS takes over.

Some people with TAC funding are getting on board to find out what to expect.

Others I’ve tried to tell them they need to catch up and learn about the NDIS because it will affect them. They are burying their heads in the sand.

Sink or swim right.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it.

But in the meantime, let’s be a bit nicer to each other.

It that too much to ask?




Published September 16, 2016 by helentastic67



Seriously, I didn’t make up this acronym! It stands for Voice At the Table Training. For which I’ve only been able to attend 2 of the 6 days. Don’t worry, people’s lives will not be at risk for not attending the other 4 days and there is no competency needed. The training is about how to be a useful “voice” when on an Executive Committee or a member of a board and NOT A TOKEN MEMBER!

I find I have great idea’s but no one wants to hear them. Anyway, more of that another day.


More important points to make right now. While at this training I was informed an American company (who shall remain unnamed because conveniently I can’t remember) is going to be getting in on making money from the NDIS and offering services etc, in Australia.

This company currently runs Prisons and Detention Centres in the States.



Sorry, had to swear! You have to give me that one!

  1. Can they get their current businesses running properly first?
  2. Why are foreign businesses tendering for our services?

And then I recall Australian Government has already sold off land to foreign countries to grow crops!

And then (not in this order) they sold Australian Government owned companies like Telstra!

Yeah! That’s really paying off now isn’t it?

Which government party do we blame that on? I don’t know enough about Australian political parties to continue really.

So in the middle of my rant. I hope you get that I don’t want to be a commodity just because I’m a minority in the disability sector.

I am single.

I do not have family close by.

I cannot live with my family members.

At this rate, I will never be a homeowner.

We already worked out I will never have kids, right?

I will never drive again? That one is not in doubt…………………

But I care about the environment, I care about the elderly. Since, I will soon be expected to live in an Aged Care Facility!

Oh yeah! And while people with disabilities are no longer institutionalized these days in Australia. You knew, these ‘places’ known to house people with severe Autism or Mental Health issues that rather than deal with the behaviour of the ‘tenants’ (seems the wrong word) Too soft somehow, they put bike helmets on them so when they bash their heads against walls/floors, they no longer hurt themselves.




Group homes exist for people with some disabilities.


And of one I’ve heard of, it houses 11 people who will attest to it sounding exactly like a prison or institution.

Recreational space under lock and key. The office not open to tenants to enter and lights on the outside all night.

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