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Today’s Lunch – 27th February 2019

Published February 27, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I’m starting this post as I do late Tuesday night. I’ve had two rather busy days despite only having one or two appointments each day. But I’m knackered! But I’ve got super awesome news to share before I debrief about actual lunch.



You may recall in the last weeks post, I’ve been mentally and emotionally raw about family putting worth on me and my existence with a cat-pee stained couch, thanks to when Mika coming home last August (I know, it’s been that long) and today over lunch I’ve got plenty of posts to write about my friend Frank, and one of my most hated questions, what is your budget? (Yeah, that one!) so, stay tuned for those! Meanwhile, by the very end of Monday, I had this in my lounge!

New couch

By Tuesday midday Mika was well and truly settled in.

Mika 1Mika 2











By the way, the new couch, it is rather large. It fits five adult bums! I know this because it took a village to get it upstairs and I insisted everyone sit down.  So, I guess I could potentially do a serious binge TV night, if I wanted to and I mean not all by myself. Still trying to get Mika to be a lap-cat but she now has even more couch at her disposal.

Five on the couch

Today I’ve also delivered most of the first bread and butter pudding for the year.


There will be six this year! One down, five to go.

So, today’s lunch is a pancetta quiche with side salad and my medicine!

Pancetta QuicheLatte










And lastly, a media gag-order has been lifted on a particular topic in Australia. George Pell May you burn in Hell!  I think we all knew what it was about anyway………….


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