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Hot off the Press – 8th May 2017

Published May 8, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot of the Press

Ready! Set! Go!

Osteo Remedial/Mio. Chiropractor/Acupuncture. (B.T. Dubs, it’s called Wednesday, commonly referred to as my Punchy/Stabby Day!) Physio. Completely missed lunch 2 or 3 days this week. Mum was down from Monday Night & 2 nights we were up doing ‘Someone else” Job so late I got to sleep around 3am.


Gave mum her early Mother’s Day gift. A cute little teddy bear I hid between her pillow and the doona in the spare bedroom. It has a little button on its Tummy and when you press it a child-like voice says “I love you Mum!” She was very coy but I think she really liked it because that night I thought she would wear out the battery. Totally worth it!

Mothers day

But we got there. Even made a decent frittata this week, haven’t made one in years and visited the local pet shop. The only furry beast in residence was Vigaro, a somewhat friendly young male with black and white fur, some cute black marking on its mouth. The pet shop always has one cat from Maneki.Neko Cat Rescue (Check it out)

He loved a good head rub from me and Mum even had a cuddle. This visit came about because it looks like I’m not moving any time soon. Not much around and none of it very nice in my price-range. so, why am I waiting to get my new In-House Mental Health Care Provider?

Black and white cat

Well, I could afford the $120 cost of a fully vet-checked fur-child but, not the cost of the food & kitty litter as I returned or gifted every bit I had 6 weeks ago. Meanwhile Vigaro bit my Mum…..Hope he finds a nice home all the same. I have also created the very short Pro’s (versus Con’s) list of not having a cat! I only spent $50 on people food last Friday.

Managed to catch up on some admin today. Even read a comic. (only one this week) in the constant battle to clear my couch which is more like my in-tray. Received some emails from some blogger colleagues this week which was lovely, wondering who is responsible for the T-Birds & Purple Tree’s posts from some time ago (You know who you are!) and when I might see another?

At the age of 40 my mum finally got around to making her second daughter a quilt! My mum is a Mad Quilter. Ok, she says passionate, I say Mad! Same/Same! That was four years ago it’s finally been on my bed for the last 2 nights! Couldn’t have had the quilt on my bed with Jamima……she was a scratcher, when it came to bedding.


Have been watching Homeland and 13 reasons why, the second reminding me of the painful years of High School. Not quite finished, so no spoilers please!  Would be a great soundtrack.

Wondering if these Hot off the press updates work for people? I enjoy the routine & that it works out to be current for everyone however I find as life is always busy I make the excuse not to prioritise some time to write down other ideas into actual laid-out posts.

Feel free to comment & provide feedback? Please keep it positive?

It’s the start of a new week all over again!

New week

Hot off the Press – 24th April 2017

Published April 24, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 240417

Hot off the Press!

Another weekend has passed. Sadly, there is much ‘admin’ I still did not get to.
Including going back to revisit and edit last Friday’s post.

Autumn has settled in Melbourne and I had my first weekend of my lounge resembling a Chinese laundry. Right now, it’s Sunday night and I need to go to sleep before 3am, as has been the habit the last few nights. I have just not been able to switch off. I have however been catching up with some old friends. Making new friends, getting to know them and saying good bye until another season. I am, of course referring to my TV shows. Been doing some serious catch up. The basics go like this;
The Shooter, meh? It’s good. But you can live without it. If you are scratching around for something to entertain you, then give it a go. It’s 10 episodes so not a huge commitment.

Watching TV

Next, Blacklist Redemption, if you haven’t seen Blacklist then get it together. If your debating the spin-off. Must watch! It’s 8 episodes and you will want more but be ok that it’s a short and sweet season. Lastly, I caught up on Suits, I kinda save the best to last with this one. If you haven’t seen any of it I’m not going to tell you too much except to say watch it. Nice guy screwed over by the system? Trying to do good, not in the mood much for critiquing sadly.

Finally switched off the brain tonight and forced myself to single task. I put on the 2016 reboot of the film Hackers. You know the 90’s original is how Angelina and Johnny Lee Miller met and later married. Great setting in New York and even better soundtrack. This version, not so much. I don’t think I’ll be watching it over and over again like the original. Next!

Switching off Brain 1

Off to the city to see my shrink tomorrow. I prefer to use that term (more fun) although to be fair she is a Psychologist/Social Worker. I’ve been seeing her for 10 years and I’m still not ‘fixed!’ (A little mental health humour)

My weekdays, are becoming very busy. Autumn has meant it gets dark around 6pm and that means I try to be home around 5pm. Most of my appointments out of the house are around what ‘normal’ people consider lunchtime to mid-afternoon. Lately, I’ve had to scramble home to be collected to go to an inspection to see properties while in my price range are tiny shoeboxes. I just want to hurry up and relocate so I can get my new fur-baby or just settle in and stay here.
Then of course, I’ve been getting another carer around dinner time to help with food prep. That could be actual food prep or admin or folding clothes to be perfectly clear. I’ve even started outsourcing the preparation of my pill containers. Everything in the effort not to be still doing emails at midnight. Such is this rubbish form of retirement I find myself doing.

On the upside, after an 18-month period where Stupidlink have struggled to do much right, they did finally    decided I am still eligible for my Disability Support Pension. Good for them, right? I did walk into a Stupidlink with my Mum and announce who I was and that I was sorry I was late for my JCA (Job Capacity Assessment) appointment and the staff member replied that, that was for people with a disability! I motioned to my arm in the sling, my walking stick and the badges explaining my low vision. I’m sure I gave her a frown and she apologised. Hidden disability or just plain stupid, I ask you?

Anyway, the cold has gone but the little wheezy cough has returned, not happy at all.
Oh, one last thing before signing off, I visited a pet shop a few weeks ago. No, not the kind with cages and pets for sale, but the kind with pet food and grain and such. I knew they had a cat in residence perhaps to help with mice and such? I went to have a pat and perhaps some ‘Love’ (not meaning to be creepy) that cat was so fickle! Must have sensed the recent grief from losing Jamima wash over me and that cat wouldn’t come near me.

To the start of a new week! Charge!

New week

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