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Published March 24, 2017 by helentastic67



To some I might seem OCD/ADHD, to others anal or a control freak, however I just think I’ve developed coping mechanisms or systems to survive.

Let me give you an example;

You take a sip of your cuppa T and wonder if you put sugar in it because it tastes a little dry…. (you know that weird dry taste when you need just a sprinkle of sugar?)

Cuppa T 1


You stir it, taste again. If still not sure, I check the kitchen. Once I’ve finished with the sugar bowl, I put it back where it belongs, on top of the microwave.

I have limited space in my kitchen, also so that helps keep things tidy by putting thing where they ‘belong’.

But I have plenty of “systems” and when someone else comes into my home and moves things around, it’s a very careful balance.

Not helped by my eyesight or lack there-of. I often have to go into an area or room twice. And then if I have people that move things without thought, that is beyond frustration…

Organised 2

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