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My Kitchen, My Way

Published June 17, 2019 by helentastic67

My Kitchen, My Way

One thing that is a particular challenge being one handed, is how my kitchen is set up. I think I’ve moved four times since my diagnosis and every time I’ve moved since my disability, my mum has been there for at least a week after helping me set up. It’s very important for my kitchen to be unpacked before she goes, she makes that a goal before she will depart, knowing I will get the rest sorted in time.

It’s equally important for me to be part of the sorting of the kitchen. Mum will shove all my oven trays in a cupboard to get them put away, but it’s some time before I get back to it, so I can see/feel/manage what’s in there. What I need to use regularly and put the items I rarely use somewhere else.

Last week I tasked one of my carers to get out a muffin tray and after she swore and carried on, I got up to help. As long as the carers aren’t swearing at me and I’m not swearing at them, it’s fine.


Filing Cabinet

Published May 17, 2017 by helentastic67

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

The lovely man came to mow the lawns today. Yes! I know, I’ve got actual lawn. He’s been here before and he replaced the front lounge blinds, but I’d struggled to remember his name.

I stuck my head, OK all of me clad still in my PJ’s and bed socks to offer him a coffee.

I thought I’d remembered his name. So, I said;

‘Is it Erin or Arron?

To which he replied “Jack”

I was never going to win, was I?

“Damn it”

He smiled. So, all is forgiven.

But funnily enough I remember he came out to Australia from Holland and now I’ll remind myself he’s a Jack of all trades and I’ll remember his name in the future.

Jack of all trades 1

So, I’m using name association to recall his name and it just goes to show the brain is like a filing cabinet. It’s all in there, you just need methods of filing them away.

I think that’s why I managed so well in the Case Management role I worked in. There were plenty of systems and everything has a place an uncluttered space, means an uncluttered mind.


Look around you right now.

What do you see?

If you see clutter?





Comics – Part 2

Published October 14, 2016 by helentastic67


Comics – Part 2

Sometimes I move on from writing a post and I wonder if I have covered everything I wanted to say? And I wonder if I actually made my point? Often the issue.

Going back to Comics and how little I read these days, it is often social media worthy when I manage to read and finish a comic! Last year I finished a particular comic and was quite “chuffed” with myself until I noticed inside the back cover a promo for something upcoming “Coming Soon September 11 2011! WTF!

I am so far behind! Not helping!

I actually have a system how organising the now last 5 years of comic purchases so they are organised just waiting for me to read them!



'Where in the world did I put the book, 'How to Organize Your Home Library'?'

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