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Today’s Lunch – 26 February 2020

Published February 26, 2020 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, you might recall I mentioned a busy social life last week? Yeah, went for Thai one night with my Boo! (My Boo is gay so don’t get too excited!) the following night, those plans fell over and will attempt a Take 2 later in the month. However, have been seeing more films. Monday night went to see The Gentlemen, a Guy Richie film. Or as I referred to it, Eye-Candy!

Really good. Watched a DVD during the day Tuesday. Saw Bridesmaids and gave myself a facial! Seem to come in waves does my social adventures. But takes great planning. So too does making sure I get down-time.

But, Wednesday dawned cooler than usual in Melbourne. Still summer but not complaining. Standard punchy-stabby day and a nice calm lunch!

Need my medicine not as strong as last week. Almost put hair on my chest! Yet, doesn’t manage to keep me awake! Today’s offering is a pancetta quiche with side salad and medicine! (I may be in a foodie rut?)












Today’s Lunch – 29th January 2020

Published January 29, 2020 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

This is the time of year Australia stands divided. Do we celebrate Australia Day or Invasion Day? It marks the 232nd anniversary of white man in Australia. The exact date is debated every year, so in simple terms, it’s a day to get together with family and friends, have a BBQ and celebrate our greatest Australian pastime “The long weekend”! In the U.K. it’s referred to as a Bank Holiday.

I do none of those things, instead I use the excuse to make a lamb roast. I ask my butcher to butterfly it for quicker cooking, and easier carving one-handed. I also marinate it with tandoori paste. Might sound odd but try it? It’s just a little different, it’s even better lightly fried the next night and wrapped in some small Lebanese wraps with lettuce and mayo. The rest is frozen and during winter I will prepare a shepherd’s pie. So, the tandoori adds another layer of yum!

I actually went to have the roast Monday night, but having separated the roast from the vegetables, in two separate trays. I bungled the oven temperate and turned it off. So, Monday night I had the wraps. Tuesday night, I had the roasted veggies with the roast.

Today, feels like a Monday, Tuesday I had an appointment at home so it felt like a 4-day weekend. With the exception of smashing out some admin.

Back at my favourite cafe in North Fitzroy. Today’s offering is pancetta quiche with side salad and medicine!










In in case I forgot to feature recently? Mika had a great long weekend too! Let’s see if we can get a feature in Tummy Rub Tuesday?



Today’s Lunch – 30th October 2019

Published October 30, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

This week’s post is all about the food! Food of the gods maybe, and the reason for food and celebrating is because last week I was 46 and now I’m a whole year older. I’m never super happy around my birthday.  Not complaining about getting older. The other option is not to be here and it’s not an option. It’s just being alone brings up all kinds of issues and loneliness. Family usually get together to eat amazing food somewhere but I’m always left feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Sunday went to Hellenic Republic in Brunswick! (It’s got my name on it!) It’s the restaurant owned by the recently departed master chef judge George Columbaris (he didn’t die btw!) It’s modern Greek food. So good!


We start with dips and bread, olives, some salads and two slow cooked meats, including a lamb shoulder apparently for two, but we have so much to choose from we share between five! Not to mention Saganaki and haloumi cheese. Rolled home to have Hummingbird cake. I request it from time to time and my mum makes it. Was so happy I skipped dinner, had a big beck’s mug of water instead.


























On my birthday, got to have late lunch with my lovely masseuse Caroline. Went to a cool hipster cafe in Northcote called Tinker. And had this hot cake with Persian fairy-floss on top. Caroline was very impressed with my efforts to finish it. Repeat of last night’s dinner.










And today, back at my favourite cafe in Fitzroy North. I’ve always thought it was in Clifton Hill but all this time I’ve been wrong. Recent weeks has seen me not make it here but today I skipped something to be here. Thought I’d concentrate on my once a year slice of this amazing goodness. I call it the Salted chocolate thing, thing, thing! Because I forget it’s called the ……………Montalbano.

This was after a very healthy lunch of pancetta quiche with side salad and medicine!










Then I’ve got a photo shoot here later! To be continued……..

Cheers H

Today’s Lunch – Yesterday

Published May 17, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch – Yesterday

Apologies for the delay with my Good Mental Health day post!

Have been in the city the last 2 days. I love the city. Love it! But I need my standard calm but scheduled punchy-stabby day!

Monday, had a migraine kept closing my eyes on the tram home as I was not coping and a smelly junkie sat next to me. I mean, c’mon! Dude! He had the nods, so I couldn’t tell if people were giving me sympathetic looks because a junkie sat beside me or if they thought we were both junkies. A much older lady who looked to have had a long life as a junkie was chatting to him then me also. Kill me! Kill me now! KMKMKMKM.

When I have a migraine on Monday, I find I’ve got nothing to look forward to on Friday and my favourite lunch place and a sense of calm.

Today’s offerings included, Pancetta Quiche with salad, complimentary Macron and my medicine.


Today’s Lunch – 3rd October 2018

Published October 3, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

And here we are again and after a long but broken weekend. Friday was a public holiday and Sunday I had a day out, as in I did full Person. I’ve been trying to get to the NGV to see the MoMa exhibition for months and I have the books (my art book library has been building for about 25+ years) and the fridge magnets and I finally got to see the exhibition.

Andy Warhol 1Andy WarholArtwork 1Artwork 2Artwork 3

















I confess, after all my effort to get there I spent longer posing for my photo to be taken then I did actually looking at Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Roy Lichtenstein.

I even told my companions for the ad entire no matter what I’m not allowed to buy a print. I still am yet to hang anything g in my apartment as I need to install picture rails and I’m yet to get everything framed I bought from my overseas adventure back in 1994. Guess I’m yet to write about that bit of a Cinderella story with a very unfulfilling ending so far.


And today’s offering? While I almost didn’t make it today. I considered a kip & staying local I feel I’ve neglected my favourite things, places and people. So, here we are, Pancetta quiche with the side salad and standard medicine.












Today’s Lunch – 4th April 2018

Published April 4, 2018 by helentastic67
todays lunch


Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, last week I visited Neko Cat Lounge in Melbourne. Prompting me to email a photo to my property manager with the sentence “Can I have her?” Accompanied by this photo.


And an assortment of others.

Two cats were adopted that day.

Bruce here, would have gone home too but he wouldn’t come out of his tree! This was all you could see of him and I confess I took advantage and gave his head some pats, he was baby-soft! He was a 3.5-year-old rag doll. Both Ms T and I wanted to see him come out of his tree so we could see all of him. While he didn’t come out another cat climbed into the cat condo awaiting Bruce I suggested “2 for 1?”


Waiting to hear from my property manager.

And just because my carer and her hands-on Monday.

Hands 2


So, while I enjoy lunch, today’s offering, Pancetta quiche with side salad and my medicine.











Now, inhale and haul ass to chiro. Sigh.


Happy Wednesday

Today’s Lunch – 7th February 2018

Published February 7, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 0702

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Now, you all should be aware by now Melbourne is dealing with summer and while my happy place is 25 degrees, today it’s 37 degrees and I’m out in it!

Hot day

These are the days hellonwheels serves me best. Particularly because I had to stop at a post office to collect a parcel. And then when I parked outside acupuncture I had to ask the lovely Angela to take the parcel inside. (For security) I already take my flag in so it doesn’t get stolen. It’s happened once, it’s not happening again!

hellonwheels parking

So, then as I watched a tram go past I received a message from Young John, he couldn’t help me today! On that topic, was in the Young John taxi Monday when his wife rang. Young Betty told me they were not going to move back to Greece! (Thank God!) She calls him each day when she finishes work (she is a nurse) and they chat on speaker phone so I always get to give him some cheek and chat to Young Betty.


So, back to lunch.

Today with limited time to scramble, I have a lovely pancetta quiche with side salad and my standard medicine. No pretty leaf on top today. Tobey must be at lunch. No! He’s on holidays! How dare he! (note, not a question)











And tomorrow is a brand-new day!

Good day


Today’s Lunch – 25th October 2017

Published October 25, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 2510

Today’s Lunch

So today, my mum is in town. She arrived late Monday night and no she wouldn’t agree to a photo opportunity.
We had matching meals. Something a bit different today………
A pancetta quiche with side salad.

Pancetta Quiche
And today’s medicine is accompanied with a chocolate mignon. Its complimentary.

Cafe Latte plus 1Chocolate Mingon









(Oh, your hair looks nice today!)

Bad hair day


Hump day

Today’s Lunch – 30th August 2017

Published August 30, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 3008

First let’s begin with last week’s Pancetta Quiche. It’s a bit of a summer standard. Hence, why i love the Arancini during winter.
Pancetta Quiche

And today’s lunch,
Can you guess what it is?
Yes, yes. Bolognaise again.

And the standard medicine.

Bolognaise Arancini

There are new staff who must speak more Italian than English. I gave her a Gracia, & a Ciao Bella!


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