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Henry – Part 2

Published August 23, 2019 by helentastic67

Henry – Part 2

About twenty years ago, I lived in a house in Windsor or with my older sister in a street called Henry Street, hence the name. The landlady had left a plant in the bathroom which we were really surprised about.

We didn’t presume to imagine it was a gift so we watered it, kept it alive and when we vacated, left it in the place for whoever lived there next.

As previously mentioned, the Maiden Hair fern was the plant of choice in the 70’s and 80’s and if you could keep it alive (which I couldn’t) in the 90’s.

These days, the plant of choice in many homes and work places is the Peace Lilly. While living in Henry Street, our bathroom plant did so well, we split it and took half with us. Well, I did anyway. To this day, I have Henry with me. Well, I’ve got five pots of Peace Lilies.

I can even tell you which plant for a time lived in the backyard waiting for it to resurrect itself. The boyfriend of the time, kicked at the pot stating “that’s dead, we aren’t keeping that” I’m a wait and see type of gardener, he didn’t hang around long enough to see it return, but that’s his loss.

I often get told my plants are doing so well because they see the flowers.

I then have to tell them (and again not punchline) “I hate to tell you, but that is the plant saying Fuck, I’m dying. I better throw out some kids, so maybe they will survive.”

Again, they are also coming inside this winter. They definitely suffered outside last winter and managed to come back, but this winter I’m not putting them through it.


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