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Today’s Lunch – 25th July 2018

Published July 25, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, my punchy-stab you day, with my lunch at my favourite cafe where I add the final touches to this post has just become a lunch and stabby day and my punchy part of the day has had to find somewhere else to fit into my busy week.


My normal Wednesday would centre around my home tram line and my fantastic young John, my taxi driver and with a bit of walking in between it all falls into place without too much stress, expense or loss of my independence or my ability to work flexibly to solve getting where I needed to be when I had to be there.


I know I hinted needing to stretch my brain muscle again a few weeks ago and this is why. My punchy appointment, my chiropractor has relocated her practice to a slightly less convenient location. A suburb slightly adjacent to my tram line. I am planning to move my chiropractor to Friday’s I think, so I have my carer to drive me and I will have more flexibility on Wednesday’s, but today Young John dropped me to get punched (not advocating for any form of violence), I took a little walk to the train close by and caught a train only a few stops back to Clifton Hill toward the city so I could still get lunch out of the way and tram back towards home for some torture of another kind. No stabby today.

Brain muscle

Side-bar, was in the city yesterday down at the Docklands at an event, to be continued, however, Melbourne logistically is built on a port. Did I mention it’s winter right now? Let me print a picture just quickly in just a few words with pictures. Arctic winds off the bay! I don’t know who picked this location but they are not my favourite, still here are some pictures before I was nearly blown over!

Docklands 1

Docklands 2Docklands 3Docklands 4


















I showed these pictures to my carer today who stated, Oh I love black and white. It looks great! (Eye roll) That’s not black and white, that was the weather. Oh, how she laughed so hard she cried! I love my carers!

Oh, yes. Where was I?

Today’s lunch, I rang earlier to ask something to be set aside. What can I say? There are perks for consistency. I’ve only been going there for 10 years. An Arancini Bolognaise with side salad with my standard medicine and a coffee Mignon because I felt like it. And like there isn’t enough to see today?












Coffee mignon


Mika 1

Mika 3











I’m hoping this beautiful fluffy thing becomes mine! Or me hers? Soooooo smoochie!


Great Day

Busy Brain

Published March 3, 2017 by helentastic67


Busy Brain

It’s not something I’ve been officially diagnosed with and I’m sure other Mental Health related conditions might experience these symptoms, but in my case my mind is always (for want of a better word) “ON”.


Planning, problem solving, writing, scheduling, busy, busy, busy! Bills to pay, rent due, incoming, outgoing. People I want to see, people I have to see, brain training, appointments that keep me mobile. And I’m very lucky I can do all these things, hear me?



But at the end of the day, I sit on the couch, amongst my ‘In Tray’ and I attempt to catch up on my admin.

Attending to the mail, scheduling when bills are due, when they need to be paid, brain training (OK-pirating) and brain training (word finders, puzzles, list making) and often it’s around 9 pm, I have dinner.


And then I settle into email-mode! I know, ridiculous. And then I have to start trying to turn off the busy brain! And that’s why I like to finish the night with a TV show where I don’t touch a remote or my iPad or my phone or anything.

I call it ‘Single-Tasking’.

Impossible being One-Handed…


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