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Today’s Lunch 1st May 2019

Published May 1, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Today is a great day. Why is this you may ask? Well, I’m paying three bills today, while I could easily give my lovely assistant Girl-Friday (I have this carer Wednesday’s too more recently) the bills and the pre-prepared envelopes of cash for each bill, I love to have the satisfaction of paying my own bills. I still like to go to the post office to pay my bills rather than do it all online. At least the ones I don’t do online, I pay in person and even better, today I’m sending parcels, Noelle, my lovely administrator of this blog and the bringer of the memes that amuse me no end will have her parcel delivered in time for the weekend up in Sydney and another parcel is destined for someone I haven’t seen or heard from for a while, Oscar Dandelion’s Stephanie who is in Norfolk in the U.K. if you are reading this? Get ready.
I’m also posting a little something-something to my friend in Texas because I can’t help myself.

I’ve otherwise been doing some rearranging at home and trying to clear my desk in the study, which is a never-ending battle. So, if I find things that are destined for elsewhere, I prefer to get them there.  If you are lucky, next week I’ll include a few pictures of my study.

Meanwhile, today for lunch I’m having half a pork schnitzel baguette with a side salad and medicine also a panachocolate! (When I say it I make it sound like a French Nanny! It’s a chocolate croissant.



















Such a zombie today!




Today’s Lunch – 6th March 2019

Published March 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Um, where has this year gone? Seriously! It’s already March! Or maybe I mean it’s March already?
I mean in disability circles, January is a complete write-off.

March already

And I’ve got new shoes! Go ME! Well, it’s a team effort. But……

New V Old 4
So, it will be a day of new shoes followed by a day of old shoes and a migraine probably every single day. I’m also getting Botox tomorrow in my leg. So, that’s not at all sexy……

Moving right along

Moving right along!

Today’s lunch! The (cannot remember the fancy name) pork schnitzel with mustard & lettuce salad (healthy!) and my medicine.

Pork SchnitzelSalad













Today’s Lunch – 20th February 2019

Published February 20, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I confess today I’m dealing with a little depression, or sometimes as I like to call it CBF! I have both depression and anxiety. It’s not that crippling variety that most people suffer but the type that hums along in the back ground. The type I find I have to remind people that it’s there behind the smile I paste on my face and it’s often when I need to solve a problem around my home that can’t be taken care of with funding. It’s when I remember fondly the days I worked and would just go buy the thing or things I needed and just tighten the belt a bit later.


The sales guy in the Freedom asked my budget? I hate that question so I usually respond with “an amount I can ask from my father without his head exploding” Which means he quotes me the base-level.


Sometimes when I’m advocating my needs to family to help me solve certain problems it’s painful when as an independently living 46-year-old woman. All I should need to just name a figure and ask if they want it paid back over time or can it be a gift? Needing to explain the whole backstory and what I have done to attempt to solve the problem and how it’s impacting on my health, comfort and wellbeing is another level.

Independant Woman

I know these awkward conversations are never looked forward to and in the back of my mind I’m always wondering if my laptop will die or my iPad or phone and those things will be far more important and should I just suck it up and live with my cat-pee smelling couch? I am a little immune to it but it still sometimes comes back in waves and getting a rib put back in the other day by the osteopath is reminding me how I’m sitting on my couch cannot be helping!

Asking for money

So, on a better note, here’s today’s offering. Doing something different today. This pork thing (I didn’t get the name) it’s like a pork schnitzel with lettuce and mustard with a side salad and my medicine!

Pork SchnitzelLatte

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