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Published October 4, 2016 by helentastic67



Some people have great advice for me on what I can and should be able to do. I appreciate they’ve given it some thought. However, their advice is based on them NOT HAVING TO DO IT ONE HANDED!

Wonder if I made my point? Wonder if anyone’s still reading this post? It’s hard to tell.

Last night, Easter Sunday my neighbour bought me down some cake (Yum) and 6 prawns. (I don’t get it) We have a thing. I introduce her to foody goodness and she brings me treats, soups, I have given to neighbours and friends over the years in the hopes that it will express to people who I am and what I’m about. I finally have a neighbour who thinks to return the favour. Love her!

Anyway, the prawns, I know she meant well and I realise it didn’t occur to her I’d struggle to take the shells off. I wasn’t thinking of Megi (yes that’s her name – love her) so the prawns I gave it a go. But after all the effort I had a nibble and understood this rubbery concept even less. And then I gave them to the cat! No one can say she isn’t looked after.

Here are some pictures, before and after.

Whole Prawnsattempt prawnsfinal result









I do like a good challenge.

Jamima and prawns



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