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Young John – Part 2

Published April 21, 2017 by helentastic67

Taxi driver

Young John Part 2

Young John came to Australia when he was only 14 years old. He was from Greece, back then he was considered too old for school, yet he couldn’t speak English so he got a job in the factories.


Eventually, he got a taxi license and drove his own taxi. As a man of his era (he is early 60’s, but thinks I believe his is late 50’s) they were encouraged to reinvest their income into their taxi licenses. So, when they retire, they wouldn’t need a pension. They are the pre-super generation.

Yes! There has been a generation of taxi drivers who don’t speak great English or know their way around Melbourne or know how to use a GPS however, that was not Young John’s fault.

I know Uber has made some waves to the Taxi Industry and I like to image Uber was 1st launched as a ride-share idea, not a way for people who don’t have great cars/need to substitute their income etc to make a living.

Uber driver

I have this conversation with many taxi drivers all the time and they tell me all the expenses/overheard, they pay for.

They pay for their security cameras, they are required to have for our safety and theirs, they pay for the system that links them to business/fares, not to mention the new car every six year, whatever K’s and insurance.

I now live closer to the rehab centre Young John first took me to and while I don’t go there anymore, anytime I need to have a taxi somewhere I text him. I tell him where I’m wanting to go and what time I need him. He will often just text me back and we often negotiate.

Every time I see Young John, he greets me by calling me “Princess” and that I’m driving him crazy and that he’ll “call my mother” I’ve given him her number and told him to go right ahead, he has yet done so.

Lately Young John has been telling me he regrets even coming to this country that has been his home for 40+ years. He has raised his family here and he has impacted so many lives in the positive, it breaks my heart.

Getting back to why Daniel Andrews deserves a good slap these days is because he had decided to make serious reforms to the taxi licenses.

I understand they are recalling all taxi licenses and paying the owners of said licenses poultry value for them, so they can re issue them out to more people.

The value of the license is supposed to be worth half a million and they look to only be getting paid $100 grand. And no chance to get a pension. And what are the older generation supposed to do?

Mental health has become a serious issue for those taxi drivers who have worked hard all their lives here in Australia. Paid their taxes and raised and educated their children. Now, to be treated like they don’t deserve to feel their contribution has meant anything?  Drive Uber?

Uber driver 1

I’m sure this topic is not done.

I’ve had some taxi drivers tell me, if they legalize Uber they will go on to the Dole (New Start!) and drive for Uber meanwhile, Young John won’t be able to get a pension in this country. I should point out, Young John’s day starts at 7am when he drives across town to collect some intellectually handicapped kids (when I say kids, I mean late 30’s) and drives them to a Centre they go to 5 days a week for activities.

I’ve often rang him when I’ve been across town at a rehabilitation facility to see if he could squeeze me in and conveniently, he was passing on his way to deliver another of his regulars to her home. In this case, a 35-year-old who was born mute.

I sat in the back as he chatted nonsense to her, entertaining her on her way home. Her interests were lollies (I know that sounds wrong) Young John singing the 1st two lines of Old MacDonald, of which he gets wrong anyway. He is amusing.

I try to call on Young John anytime I have Cab Vouchers to pay him, since he mostly squeezes me in, in-between his other “Young People” and doesn’t charge me.

Young John is like my adopted father, he asks about my love life or lack there-of and we discuss the problems in the world. Ironically, the things I don’t discuss with my own father and on the days, that I’ve received the worst news ever, Young John has been there. For a kind word and a hug.

I’m sure I’m not done singing his praises.

I hope I’ve done Young John proud, as he’s been patiently waiting for me to write about what a blessing he has been.

I know, I probably would not still be here but for people like Young John…

Love you John

Young John – Part 1

Published April 19, 2017 by helentastic67

Taxi Driver

Young John Part 1

Now if I do this correctly, you will cry. Get your box of tissues and if need be, pinch yourself to cry if I can’t do it sufficient justice.

I don’t hate many people because it’s an emotion that is a waste of time, however most people wouldn’t be aware (should you need to know) that I went to High School with Victoria’s current Premier. His name is Daniel Andrews.

To be clear, we were not friends, he seemed an OK type, but I had nothing to do with him one way or another beyond a polite ‘hello’ in passing.

Daniel Andrews 1

But these days, if I saw him I would want to slap him. Probably not in the face, because don’t think Orange suits me, but definitely on the back of the head, like a naughty child.

I say this because I’m lucky enough to have a lovely taxi driver in my life.

His name is Young John. (Get the tissues ready!)

I met Young John about seven years ago, when I went to a local Physio/Rehab centre. He car-pool’s people into the centre. That first day Young John’s yellow taxi pulled up in front of my home and as I stepped outside he called out his greeting “Young Helen”, I instantly assumed I must be the youngest person he had to transport that day. I got in and we drove off. We chatted and when we pulled up for the next person, he got out and greeted the next guy “Young George”. Now George may not be his name, I can’t recall, but “George” was not a day shy of seventy and had, had a double hip replacement.

Young George was helped in and we started again, then conversation flowing easily.

Now, I suspect Young John calls everyone ‘Young’ so as not to offend them. Just like you see a Grumpy Old or vicious dog in the street and you want to pat them, you call them ‘puppy’ and they all seem to melt.

I probably should mention why I want to slap the current Premier for Victoria, said Daniel Andrews?

Daniel Andrews

Young John came here when he was too old to go to school, so he got a job in a factory until he was old enough to get a driver’s license and drive a taxi. He pays so much money to maintain his taxi license and has often driven 7 days a week for 40 years.

Currently, the Australian Government is trying to buy back all the taxi licenses for a fraction of their value. And reissue them to move taxi drivers for much, much more than the previous owners are compensated.

And this is just a tiny rant because I don’t have the time to unpack all the things wrong with Uber and the corruption that is Uber.

Uber driver

I will never catch an Uber and the many, many people from disabled, to elderly to intellectually handicapped that Young John ferries around Melbourne every day will not catch an Uber.

Young John is like my adopted father, often every week day I send him a text message suggesting a pick-up time and location to throw me out. Ok, deliver me in one piece. He responds with an offer. I continue the negotiations and often scooter on Hellonwheels to my final destination locally and walk a small block to where he is often waiting for me.

I get in to him saying “Princess! You’re driving me crazy! I’ll call your mother!” I respond with a prompt “Stop it. You love me!”


There is a great respect and appreciation tween us and I’m always happier for seeing him and having some friendly banter.

It being a Wednesday today I imagine I think he will be happy when I report he is on his way to being a star! As only he deserves!

With love! Young John.

Love you

Life Review

Published December 3, 2015 by helentastic67

Life Review 1

Life Review

So, I’m now at a time in my life where you take a little “stock” of what you (me in this case) of what I’ve achieved and tallied the successes I’ve celebrated.

Completely heightened by a recent 25 year High School reunion that I did attend.

The current Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews was from my High School and what I’ve managed to achieve in life doesn’t add up to much at all. Except to say I have survived.

I know I’ve yet to divulge what exactly my medical condition is or my disability and that has been on purpose.

Rest assured all shall soon be revealed.

So, stocktake, I guess I’ve always been a bit of a free-spirit. I had ideas of how I thought light might go, but perhaps not how I would get there.

When I was younger, I thought life would just naturally fall into place and perhaps this was what was meant to happen because I’m still here!

I honestly thought I’d be married with kids “living the dream” by 30.

I wanted to have my own business “something” in the realm of Interior Decoration.

I studied something else. I studied the one thing that would have been better if I’d been a gay man! Two things ‘I’m not!’ I studied Visual merchandising (Window dressing).

It did teach me, I would not cut it with technical drawing.

And the whole married with kid’s thing, well in recent years, I’ve learnt that my medical condition, pregnancy could have been deadly.

Alas, I also did not meet my ‘husband’.

Here’s hoping – yet!

Friends of yesteryear and I would joke – he was lost!

But anyway, not doing this blog to find a husband…

But still assessing what the rest of life should include…

I do not work. All the things I have done for income in the past, I can no longer do and the NDIS would see us all being able to work again.

It’s a nice dream however, I struggle to get out of bed every day! And I struggle to stay out of bed every day!

The aim every day is to make it to the end of the day and not fall over! To still feel the parts of my body I make work that only work because I make them…

And to make it to the next day!

Life seems small these days!

I get to appointments that help me live. I create social connections at these appointments because over time they have gotten to know me and who I used to be…

But rest assured if I didn’t pay for services at those places, they would not have the time to be ‘friends’ with me outside of “work”.

So to the future, it’s a work in progress and please join me on the adventure…

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