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Today’s Lunch – 24th April 2019

Published April 24, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First, a belated Happy Easter.

Last week I had to smash 5 days of ‘Life” into only 4 and as the weekend just gone was Easter it meant public holidays. Yes!!!! I love public holidays! Because it means long lazy weekends of afternoon naps and 3-ish meals a day, cups of tea a plenty and medicine and lots of binging TV. On the flip-side, struggling to do ‘Person’ when the following week resumes.

Monday, I actually got out on hellonwheels to meet my old neighbour Megi, her sister Lucy and their mum. We met for lunch followed by a little scooter around the neighbourhood and a cruise through the supermarket. Once home I set myself up on my balcony to do some writing. Here is my view………

Easter Sunday I had some people over from my floor of the apartment complex. In an effort to not be alone on a weekend people either go to church (hard no!) or spend with family (too busy and too far away) so I invited the people I’ve encountered on my floor. Not everyone but maybe half the apartments. Four people came, one of which was a surprise so that was nice. I had bought a dozen hot cross buns and two of my guests bought stuff so now I’ve got cinnamon donuts and mini chocolate croissants and profiteroles to give away.

So, briefly today my standard punchy/stabby day includes this offering……..










Before another public holiday tomorrow. My body clock is so out of whack right now!

Today’s Lunch – 25th April 2018

Published April 25, 2018 by helentastic67

Anzac Day

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Respectfully, as today is ANZAC Day in Australia. It’s a public holiday. So, today is not a normal Wednesday. When is it ever?

Todays Lunch

I should mention any public holiday in OZ gives Bogans permission to get drunk and be annoying and obnoxious.

On account of my chiropractor taking the day off and the presumption that my favourite cafe being closed. (I will allow it) I decided to stay closer to home. (My rib is out again so that will have to wait until Friday I guess! My acupuncturist is not big on taking days off. So, I’m still able to get stabbed today! Yeah me! A goodnights sleep is assured.

Good nights sleep

And with another crazy week in the life of Helen I only have to squeeze in the chiropractor on another day. I’m getting some MRI’s later Thursday so while it’s needed for a specialist appointment next week, even that creates havoc to a normal week.


So, today’s offering is spanakopita and medicine. Even snuck in a kip shoes on and all. Since I’ve got my constant companion. A migraine! When does it end?


Latte 2











Happy week

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