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Published October 15, 2018 by helentastic67



Alright, I’ve been meaning to write this for sometime and several times each year the sentiment is highlighted and I feel I can’t control myself or stamp it down any longer. I must make a confession of sorts. I love Reality TV season, which lately is all year round.

Love Reality TV

Still reading? (Cricket, cricket, cricket. OK, before you all go “OMG, OMG, OMG, Me too) Gush, Gush, Gush. Just wait, because, no not in the way that sounds.


A few years ago, there seemed to be the quintessential Reality TV show call “Goggle Box”.

Gogglebox 1

OMG, if you are unsure; the basic premise of this show is a camera watching normal people like you and I watching TV and watching all kinds of other Reality Shows and commentating on them.

Grumpy old guy

At the time the advert was a grumpy old guy saying “I’ll never watch that” and the male voice over replied “Oh, they all say that” but they all end up watching it.

Well let me tell you, I’M WITH THAT FIRST GUY. Hell no.

Hell No

I don’t need to watch a heap of bitchy people date.

“Oh, I’m reaching forty and I have no kids” I’m not married (yet) and I don’t have children. So, I don’t define myself by what society thinks I should have made happen.

40 and single

So, I have little interest in the romance type shows.

“Oh, I’m almost twenty-five, I’m yet to get a boyfriend.”

Shut up, just shut up.

Shut up

Anyway, suffice to say, it’s my favourite type of TV because I have the time to watch what I want in my own way.

Watching TV

I binge (just TV) but I’m not happy unless I’ve a list of shows I want to get to.

Binge watching

So, as confessions go, that wasn’t that hard was it?

Hope you don’t judge me too harshly.

Don't judge

Confession Time

Published November 28, 2015 by helentastic67


Confession Time

OK! Something you should know about me. I’m grumpy! I admit it! I get really grumpy! It’s been coming on more and more in recent years. Since acquiring my disability, obviously, but every now and again the “Grumpiness” gets turned up a notch.

I have no patience for whiny – little – bitches. You know the ones, I can’t even watch some reality TV shows anymore.

“It’s too hard!”

“It hurts!”

“It hurts me to move!”

“I can’t wear what I want!”

“Take a deep breath sweetie!”

“Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone!”

I haven’t even tried to put on jeans for about 4 years. Doing jeans up one handed is a pain in the arse! Particularly if you need to get to the toilet in a hurry.

But it’s more a grumpiness because plenty of people with real problems don’t do enough to help themselves and they want everyone to rescue them.

Sometimes, it’s a conscious decision about accepting that I’ve been dealt a shitty situation and I’ve just got to deal with the consequences so how do I do that?

Oh and people don’t like to hear advice from me and when they complain about the same old things I reign in the obvious tips because they didn’t get it the last 3 times I suggested it!

I’m done!

Grumpy rant over!


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