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$8.69 – Part 2

Published March 25, 2019 by helentastic67

$8 69 1

$8.69 Part 2

I feel I should point out why I think I managed to get a reduction in my rent, because I suspect it’s partly to do with the type of property I rent.

Rent Reduction

I got lucky last year and got a property in a scheme that’s part of an affordability scheme called NRAS. No idea, but might find you a link.

But the basic premise goes like this, I think it comes under state funding (as opposed to federal) just a fancy term for a different bucket of money. All new builds where there is an excess of 30 apartments on the one site, the owner is offered a tax incentive that a percentage (small) be offered as part of this scheme where they get less rent than current value and the loss in rent is given to them as a tax deduction.

Tax Scheme

The potential range of tenant’s must be low income, I actually had to prove I earned less than $45,000 per year. Um? I’ve never earned that much, so if this scheme had been around, I would always have been eligible.

Low Income


But still, there are seven properties in my building, or considering the number of apartments on site, there might be more. I know there are ‘owner-occupiers’ and a reasonable turn-over of properties being sold.

Low Income Tennants

The scheme runs for ten years and hopefully, depending on the market (property) they will continue for another ten years.

Over all I much appreciate living amongst “Normal” people. As I’ve lived opposite some public housing, I barely coped with that. I wouldn’t have survived living in that public housing. I’m not being a snob, I happily waved and took time to chat to some of the tenants, I gave my compost to a lovely Chinese lady for her garden and the young single dad, I gave away muffins and goodies. But I don’t need to live amongst the drug dealers and crazy people who strangle their cats because I was “listening” to their conversations. I wouldn’t hear you do your phone banking if you didn’t do it on your front balcony.

Live amongst normal people

Yeah, that guy turned out to be Schizophrenic.

Disclaimer: Not everyone in Public Housing is a drug dealer or schizophrenic.

$8.69 – Part 1

Published March 22, 2019 by helentastic67

8 69 Part 1

$8.69 Part 1

$8.69, $8.69, $8.69 ad nauseum!

So, I moved into the apartment in late 2017 and had my first inspection in March. So far so good. Then I was asked if I could be available for another walk-through, about four months into my twelve-month lease.

First Inspection

I confess, to say even knowing the rental law for twenty years of renting etc, I was concerned. I had asked for the OK to get my fur baby, had been less for over a year now and sad. Still so sad.

Permission Fur Baby

So, I also started to worry this extra visit was related. Eventually, my property manager told me they had to bring through a guy to ‘value’ the property.

Value property

Oh, my God, what’s happening? Please don’t sell. I just go here.  You have no idea the drama it is to move when you have a disability. How much goes astray, how much I would sell, that gets given away, thrown away, donated, LOST, damaged, when you are one-handed.

Moving House

Anyway, the property manager bought the quiet man through and it was all very sterile and efficient. Not complaining but, my home wasn’t as clean as it had been for the inspection and of course, I was stressed so over thinking. A few months later, I received and email. It was late at night when I got to my email, that day. I thought – Cat? Or what? Oh, no! What? OMG, I got what?

Rent reduction



Small rent reduction

When do you ever hear about that?

Okay, it wasn’t much, yes, you guessed it. It was only $8.69 per month. But whose complaining.


I haven’t mentally spent it yet. However, I’m breathing a small sigh of relief.

How to spend it

So Cat?

Cat So


Published December 27, 2017 by helentastic67



With the possible exception of relationships with boyfriends in recent years, I’ve learnt my limit for dealing with bullshit or ‘whatever’ is four years.

There are some houses I’ve lived in for four years and I’ve moved when landlords wanted to renovate and sell, or just sell. I’ve now been where I am for four years and about to sign a lease for a fifth year. The last three years, the rent has been inching upwards to ridiculous.


But to other things, such as my voluntary efforts, I generally throw myself in and do that original assessment.

  • What am I doing?
  • What needs doing?
  • What needs to change so I can do this?
  • What can or do we need to achieve by being here?
  • Is it achievable?
  • Am I being respected and supported?

When you put it into those terms, four years seems like a long time, right? So, it is with great frustration at this year’s AGM of the Self Advocacy group, I’m part of that I’m resigning from my role as Treasurer.

Self advocacy

I’m not a quitter generally, so it really leaves me unsatisfied and frustrated and grumpy.

No quitter




Published September 29, 2017 by helentastic67



My Mum once called me a gypsy, I’ve moved so many times since moving out of home. When I was a poor art student, my parents covered my rent while I paid for everything else. I also worked a casual job and at Christmas time when I went home to take a break, I transferred my supermarket job back to the country and also did a seasonal job. Not much of a break, I know, but still a change of scenery.


Before I moved out of home, I saw a comedian on a show who must have lived in St Kilda back in the 80’s. He made a joke, to never sit down and work out what you have spent on rent, because you will want to kill yourself.

Good advice, so I never have.

I have often wished my parents had been able to afford a deposit on “something” way back then, but I guess all the area’s I’ve lived in over the years would not have happened. When I first moved to Melbourne, I moved to Brunswick.

Brunswick St 1

It wasn’t hipster cool back then, but it was cheap. Before long, there I was living in South Yarra, just off Chapel Street.

Chapel St

It was the cheapest rent I’ve ever paid in Melbourne. It was not the nicest place I’ve rented, but in many ways living there signifies the beginning of many great things.

I still remember what I paid for the room in a share house with 1 other. $262.15 per calendar month.

Hell, I wish I paid that per week these days.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been informed of another rent increase and a new lease to sign in December. It will have happened already by the time you read this. I will be going into my 5th year living here by myself.

Rent increase

And it’s such a hassle to look at relocating, I’m likely to just suffer the increase.


Finding a Housemate

Published August 15, 2016 by helentastic67


Finding a Housemate

So, finding a housemate is crap at the best of times. I wish I’d counted how many people I’d do the song and dance for to present myself as a normal person, just so I could find a responsible adult to share the rent and expenses.

I just found this description of someone I had look through that 1st house. Because sometimes it’s now you re call people not by name of how they look.


Here goes;

“Horror/Action/Gemini/Butcher/Maids outfit while cleaning/Cross dresser/Porn!

Also think this was a guy who said he would be happy to be my Carer. (help me after a shower etc)

To be clear that was never going to happen!

I don’t require my housemate to help me EVER that requires them to see me naked! Boundaries people.

Briefly, I had a woman move in who told me one thing and did another.

Then had a tall Frenchman move in who stayed a year. He paid the rent and worked away at times giving the place to myself – Bliss!

He was not, I repeat, NOT my favourite ever housemate. He wasn’t my least favourite either. But he wasn’t my favourite and I now try hard not to judge other French tourists and such by my year or so co-habituating with him.

Some woman would ask “Oh, French, so sexy!”

To which I would reply “Um?, No!” Bon!


Then I had to move and find a new housemate!

Moving is annoying at the best of times!


Moving with a disability is a pain in the ASS!!!

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