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Hot off the Press – 15th May 2017

Published May 15, 2017 by helentastic67

Here is the news 150517

Wow! What a painful week! And here’s where I struggle to tell it in dot points so I’m still motivated enough to unpack the shit that was in an actual post you can read in well, some time from now…….

Painful week

Same as last week really, Osteo/Mio/Remedial/Chiropractor/Acupuncture….& Physio!

And when I got to the Physio it was she that was opinionated enough to tell me I was doing too much and how was I to know what was helping?

Hear from the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) this week they couldn’t justify a review to help pay for my Shrink (sorry, Psychologist) or my Chiropractor or my friggin’ shoes!

Apparently, none of these things are from my original diagnosis: WTF!

I don’t know about anybody else but I didn’t have the need of a Shrink! (I know, I prefer to call her that as it sounds more like I’m crazy?) or need my weekly Chiropractic appointments until my body decided every little thing I took for granted before it wouldn’t do without paying me back in weird ways….. Like reaching and closing the car door puts my ribs out?

Or the underlying migraine I’ve had for the last week?

And by Friday, the Physio was proved right! I hate that so much….. because it hurt to weight-bare on my left leg. As in sharp pains shooting up from my foot to everywhere in my body. And I do mean everywhere! By Friday evening I had booked another appointment with my Chiropractor on Saturday….Need I remind everyone Saturday is my Off-Grid day? No email, no social media….no adult, no responsibility, no bra or shoes! And therefore, I rarely leave the house on a Saturday…. I did all of those things including spending $50 the NDIA doesn’t seem necessary just so I could only late today (Sunday) move around my home without my walking stick for short periods of time!)


Sore body

I did implement Single Girl Date Night reasonably successfully, I watched two films I had recorded on my Toppy.

Single girl

In simple terms, it means I can record two channels at once on live TV while watching something previously recorded.

Good to record films & comedy….. Then watch whenever you like, while skipping the ads.

I didn’t watch anything ground-breaking this week, the films were “The Longest Ride” and “Cowboys & Aliens”. If you haven’t heard much about these films there is good reason. The first was a love story. The end! The second was what you get when you are a beautiful actress, retired 007! And Harrison Ford. My point is none of them (beautiful  or not) no longer need to work and it seems they thought, let’s do a cowboy and ‘What the Hell’ film because we don’t need to make money…….or I’m being very cynical. In short.

Cowboys and aliens

Finished 13 Reasons Why finally proving to be a tough week!

13 Reasons Why. Really well done. Challenging to watch but well worth it for anyone still undecided.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why (stylized onscreen as Th1rteen R3asons Why) is an American drama-mystery web television series ba…


Started watching season two of Billions with Damien Lewis this week also. I have a habit of not watching some shows until I have the whole season.

And to update, I actually read a whole comic today in one go! Ok, considering migraine all week this was a win. And there was the added pressure to report I’d read at least one considering I still head to my comic store once every few months to collect my order. I’ll try to read one tomorrow since I’ve decided I need a long weekend.

Reading comics

So, finally I guess I did do too much last week so I’ll be skipping Physio for a few weeks to give my body a break. And it didn’t help she played Devil’s Advocate suggesting the NDIA shouldn’t need to buy me shoes when everyone wears and buys shoes. Which was fine when I could wear my Adidas Gazelles at the cost of $130 a pair and I bought 2-3 pairs a year……But now I need medically approved shoes at $460 a pair and should have the option of two pairs, it shouldn’t be too much to ask I can’t and don’t buy my own shoes…..


If all goes well by this time tomorrow my food parcel will be safely in Sydney in Noelle’s hands.

Food Parcel

I shall save my brush this week with a famous chef for a full-blown post. Stay tuned!


New week charge



Guinea Pig

Published April 28, 2017 by helentastic67

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

I find I’m often asked to take part in trials because I seem to respond well to treatments and I’m articulate enough to tell people what’s going on.

There are Pro’s and Con’s to this.

The simple ones being I get to do things I can’t afford and aren’t available through the public medical system. The down side is, I get given less than spectacular equipment that helps them get the results, ongoing funding things they need after lying to me about all the great things they will do/give me.

Guinea Pig 1

All while sabotaging me from getting what I need. Case in point, I was part of a Botox trial to stretch my calf muscles and improve my walking and fix my hyper-extension, so in the time I wouldn’t need a knee replacement.

I was told I’d be put in a cast and if I managed to not fall over, they’d send me home. I’d be recast after a week in a slightly more uncomfortable position (calf to toes) and maybe again for a 3rd and 4th week. During the 1st and 2nd week I left the hospital in self-funded taxi’s (taxi’s I couldn’t afford) and went back to my neighbourhood to appointments I couldn’t live without.

I did get good coffee.

In hospital, I was bullied and not given pain meds my own GP prescribed me. I had supplied my own meds and while kept under lock and key, they refused to give them to me, adding to my stress.

But even after two weeks, they refused to let me go home. They insisted on keeping me in despite knowing it stressed me and I didn’t need to be there. They kept insisting to keep me in because they thought I’d get my cast wet if I went home. My cast got wet! EVERY SINGLE SHOWER I had in hospital.

Eventually, I think I growled sufficiently at a new doctor at the rounds and they set me free.

  • Public hospitals: They have a body in a bed and they get funded!
  • Every person their cat and dog came to visit me, access me, learn from me, all so they can tick their boxes and get more funding.
  • They told me they’d send me home with shoes they would fund. I could no long wear my beloved shoes.


Orthotic shoes

On the way home mum took me shopping for some temporary shoes, as there had been nothing but excuses. They eventually did fund me shoes that wore very quickly, I nearly twisted my ankle and it meant after 4 months needed replacing, I could get another pair funded for 12 months.

Expensive shoes

My mum paid for the cost expensive pair of shoes, I’ve ever owned and they are medically approved shoes. That I then had to find someone to reimburse my mum. She is not wealthy.

I still have my hyper-extension 2 years later.

Guinea Pig 2

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