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Published December 27, 2021 by helentastic67


I was sitting in the shower today on my shower stool and I sneezed, my left leg shook, like, a lot.

Continue washing

Sneezed again

My left leg shakes again, uncontrollably

Sometimes my left arm shakes

No reason.

It’s called spasticity.

Spastic – Wikipedia

Hay Fever

Published May 10, 2021 by helentastic67

Hay Fever

I’m writing at my favourite café and a woman sneezed. I gave her the appropriate ‘bless you’ in a non-religious way.

She disappeared to get a napkin (ouch) and upon returning, mentioned it was her Hay fever. Then she stated:

“It’s so debilitating”

Mmmmm…. Ok, it’s shitty, I agree, but debilitating is a strong word. Hay fever can suck. It really can. In Melbourne there is a season where it can kill, but this woman’s hay fever to me feels like a first world problem.

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