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Ignorance is Bliss

Published November 28, 2016 by helentastic67


Ignorance is Bliss!

I love when people give me advice, when they have no idea how the system works! Let me premise this by saying I will never starve to death! I can’t do eating disorder because I like and respect food! And while I’m no longer a neat size 10. (Shuddup! I’m not in my 20’s anymore either) I’m about two months from starving to death. (I have a little insulation) People love to give me cost cutting measures.

Thin to fat

It goes like this; why don’t you get food vouchers? Or there are places you can go to get free meals?

Well, I find myself explaining to them.

Once upon a time ‘kids’ who spent all their money on hairspray and clubbing would go to every welfare group around town to get food vouchers.

Food Vouchers

These days, they are all way to savvy for that and you can only generally go to the ones where you fall under their ‘catchment’ You produce a HCC (Health Care Card) which shows your address.

I ring mine to book an appointment to see them. I have to be prepared and take an income statement from Centrelink. That’s an hour on the phone right there. (Of my life I’ll never get back) Helps if you have a fax number so it can be faxed to the agency.


Some welfare organisations you just turn up one morning during the week. They might not open until 10am and they have 4 vouchers. Usually 2 x $20.00 each and you can only go ONCE A YEAR!




Stop Helping

Published October 28, 2016 by helentastic67


Stop Helping

I’ve just writing this post in my head, so despite not finishing my admin for the week past and coming or starting to wind down and it’s midnight, I’m going to smash this thing out.

Did I mention I’m a night person?

Some of the worst advice I’ve not been given for how to manage my disability and maintain independence one-handed has not been given to me by an OT!


Remembering an OT is an Occupational Therapist!

Early days an OT asked how I managed to open things, particularly in the bathroom or kitchen.

I replied, I use my teeth!


I was smartly told not to do such unless I could afford to fix my teeth!

Um, FYI. No I cannot.

The end!

Yeah! No! There is no great wisdom on how you otherwise do that! While I’m still waiting so can you!


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