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Can’t Pick ‘Em

Published July 4, 2022 by helentastic67

Can’t Pick ‘Em

More recently when I had my regular carer away on holidays for two weeks, I had a replacement carer. This lady had three shifts that week of more than three hours each shift to cover.

On the Tuesday, I had carer “A”, she quickly unpacked all of her emotional baggage. There is a tendency for friendly banter. She was very new to being a carer and she was telling me all about her husband’s first wife’s impact on her marriage and how he didn’t understand why at her age, she had gone back to study.

She was in her fifty’s and she had chosen to change her career and being a support worker requires qualifications. She was expecting me to be her mental health care provider. 

On the way home from this shift, I received a text that this carer “A” would cover the rest of my shifts while my regular was away. I knew I would not cope so put a block on her. It seems to mean, but I’ve worked out in my short time which carers I can cope with and which ones I can’t.

Today’s Lunch – 10th July 2019

Published July 10, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

This week! God help me! For a single barren spinster, there are no bigger words to put the fear of God into me than these “school holidays!”

Parents should be made to enjoy their time with their spawn at home in solitude or grandparents even. Totally getting why grandma had a happy hour. I am not a fan of school holidays. My ovaries dry up.

My girl Tuesday (support worker, one of my regulars) was in a lift in the city and suggested the lift should have music. I reminded her in a building full of people with disabilities and oxide sensitivities that would not go down well. So I proceeded to put this song in her head!

You are welcome!

Was in the city for the last two days, yesterday I didn’t leave until 4.30pm meaning I actually got home in the dark. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned? I can’t see in the dark and I then had to complete all my chores and some and didn’t sit down and take my shoes off until 8pm. Although thanks to my Indian taxi driver Young Deepak, I had eaten dinner by 9pm. He had given me a curry.

I didn’t actually eat lunch today but such an early dinner prompted me to ask Noelle, “is this what it’s like to be old?” and Noelle is my age, so misplaced that it was.

Looking forward to lunch today, an almond croissant and my medicine!


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