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Women Are Stronger When We Stand Together

Published March 21, 2022 by helentastic67

Women are stronger when we stand together

A few weeks ago on 8th of March it was International Women’s Day, ladies of all ages, I hope you did something to celebrate. I participated in a zoom meeting with around eight other women advocates in the disability world. Other groups I part-take in the energy is very different. The women only meeting was very supportive. We all shared some experiences. I definitely plan to participate in some more women’s advocacy groups. My artist friend contributed to the events and celebrations that day with this street art in Melbourne’s well known Hosiery Lane.

Hosier Lane, Attraction, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (

Now, if you have dick and balls, you know who you are. We do not want to hear, but we don’t have an International Men’s Day. Because every fucking day is Men’s Day. If you stop and listen for just two minutes you might realise why it’s so important women get a safe space, just for a day.

Just try to remember when the last time a man was disrespected and undervalued for his age, gender, abilities, seemingly usefulness to society and women with disabilities are respected even less. And at times, sometimes in an effort to fly under the radar, some women will keep their heads down and not support other women just so they don’t lose favour they feel they have curried, rather than support another woman and this is also unacceptable.

If you don’t figure this already, I’m a really frustrated fucking hormonal grumpy woman who mentions in groups mostly of men the symptoms of menopause and expect them to pay attention. I am currently sliding into the Pause and not enjoying the symptoms. I don’t suffer embarrassment on this topic, but I know some other women will just drop out of sight until all the symptoms have passed.

A male friend recently told me I just needed a shag (Not the word he used) so, I thought this friend was better than this and now I realise my work here is not over either For Fucks Sake!

So, ladies lets be more supportive of each other and let’s be the change we want the world to be.



Published February 28, 2020 by helentastic67


Okay, going full dark today and I’m not feeling depressed in any way while I write this. Quite the opposite really, but I will suggest I’m going to lose my male followers, before too long, much to their loss.

5, 4, 3, 2,

Most of my carers these days are older than me and a few of my friends. Which is great! Fine! Great, I’m not complaining because they bring a wealth of womanly advice.

And 1

Bet the guys are all gone.

Every month or so, the ladies and I get stuck on the topic of Crazy-Lady hormones.

Any guys still reading? Hit me with a like or a comment if you still are.

So, ladies this post is about sliding into the ‘Pause’ (yes Menopause) Apart from the irregular periods (shark week) and the heavy one month, light the next or the all-out ‘all the Crazy symptoms and a complete no-show of obvious. It came, no babies (said 1 young carer years ago)

One of my older carers and I used to share a conversation and you have all heard these stories.

Back in the day, picture the 60’s and theirs a couple chatting about their mutual friends. Two couples married around the same time, raised their children around the same time, holidayed together, worked together, did casserole night, you know, you get the picture. Then all of sudden, it goes full dark.

“Oh, I don’t know what happened, they were perfectly happy, married fifteen years, little ‘whoopsie’ was good at cricket (or whatever sport of the day) and then all of a sudden, he came home one day after work while she was cooking dinner and she just stabbed him to death. The Coroners report stated he was stabbed forty-seven times.

And now she lives in a mental asylum.

Scene end!

So, my carer and I share a look and a smile and this is the important part, if the guys kept reading.

Menopause SUCKS!

Here’s what the wife dealt with that day, the kids, the housework, the shopping, cooking, ironing, laundry, the crazy itching, the hot flushes one moment and then the cool the next. The kids. And then the husband comes home and complained about why was it so cold inside?

Read the room. Don’t mess with a woman who has limited control over what is going on with her hormones.

She doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ergo, case in point.

Stabbed forty-seven times.

You are welcome.

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