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Published April 20, 2018 by helentastic67

111 Mansfield St


Oh, that was pretty terse right? Just wondering as I’m contemplating having to move again after four years at 1/111, I know, seriously. When I moved here it was obviously destined that my life should be all about me. Living by myself.

Living Alone

Not prioritising anything of myself or my money to another, but not my point today. If I move, how long do I need to wait before I start blasting out my tunes at a level to piss off my neighbours?

Loud Music

I mean, I have the doors and windows open as I love fresh air and music always makes me happy and motivates me and it’s probably not great that my neighbours have a baby, but they deserve no remorse as they think it’s acceptable to use their washer and dryer overnight and when it’s 40 degrees outside and they have the mistaken belief that they are hippies. WFT!


But seriously, I don’t play my music loud enough to tear paint off the walls, but I generally play some loud music within a week of moving, so my new neighbours aren’t lulled into a false sense of security.

Fasle sense of security

When I moved here, I heard some KLF from the back unit, only the once, sadly but still they didn’t play any Bitchy Sneers! (you heard me) or Mariah Carey, so we were all good. They had a DJ Club set up though so, it was any wonder after I moved in. They are not music people so I told them I would ‘TRY HARDER’.


Oh, what’s that you wanted to know, what I’m listening to? OK, you may not recognise any of these but, a little VNV Nation, Covenent, Apoptygma Beserk and some The Knife. Oh, don’t forget Nine Inch Nails and some Assemblage 23.

Assemblage 23

Oh, lastly whoever took my Apoptygma Beserk T-shirt with ¾ length sleeves with the red body and black sleeves, I WANT IT BACK.

Apoptygma Berserk

You know who you are!

You know

The Universe

Published August 1, 2016 by helentastic67


The Universe!

Received a great message from the Universe today!

Have had a busy week and while rent is weeks away, I’ve been consulting my diary to schedule bill paying to take advantage of discounts for paying on time, and referrals to my chiropractor that means I can claim back from Medicare.

Every week before I go shopping I budget for cash out so I work with cash as much as possible, $5.00 for coffee here, $50.00 for my chiropractor there, beautician, etc. Because every bit counts. Every Thursday I check my accounts online and worry there’s not enough!

Last night I was considering if only I could afford some new bras! I don’t buy expensive bras. Certainly nothing special. These days it’s all about keeping the ‘girls’ restrained in comfort without the world seeing what kind of bra I’m wearing under my T – shirts!

These day’s I buy boring T – shirts, bras and I buy 2 for the price of 1! Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Not!

I’m happy these days if I can get one that isn’t fluoro orange and is a colour my carers can say “oh! Helen that’s a nice colour!” aqua by the way! That’s about as exciting as it gets! Sorry!

Anyway, I digress. I was considering when there would even be enough to pay the rent, pay the bills and get the Visa down a little (never ending)keep on top of ordering and affording the pills and ‘stuff’ and I could get 2 new bras! WHEN?

And, the Universe provided!

Some people may not be familiar with the concept of the “Universe”.

I’m not a big believer in God! Blind – faith, what-not! And I’m not criticising anyone who does. Do what you will unless it inflicts pain and injury upon others. However, I do have a belief that sometimes, if you’re a nice enough human being, give something to others and not try to live a selfish existence then maybe a higher being will reward or look after you.

And today, it happened!

In the mail came a registered envelope which I signed for. (Not an everyday occurrence) and when I opened it, there was a ‘thank you’ card!

Thank you card

From whom? What for?

And a $100.00 credit card voucher! Oh?

Still anxious from where it had originated………….

Last year, I had volunteered at a new ABI unit with my hospital across town for ½ a day!

I participated in an ‘audit’ to see all new ABI patients from now on at this one especially designed and purpose built unit. It’s for in-patients and while I was never in a position to require inpatient care (bonus) I could really see what a great facility they have built!

Do yourself a favour and avoid a brain injury! However, if you are in Victoria Australia and need to be in an ABI unit somewhere, this is the one you want to be at!


Pity there are not more pictures, well I didn’t see any but it’s a great, clean new facility where you get your own room and private bathroom! (And just how important that is you don’t want to find out)

And anyway, was not expecting anything but a nice feeling from offering feedback of what I thought would be useful, etc and instead?

Helen gets hew bras.

New peace, love and respect for the Universe…

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