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Published April 7, 2017 by helentastic67

Challenge 7


Here is a little trial, if you like to get you in the instant mindset of having difficulties and challenges similar to that of having a disability.

Occasionally, I get a sore or ‘something’ that requires a bandaid on my right thumb!


That is my texting finger (Or thumb so to speak) I text a lot, it’s good way to message people who don’t have normal hours. I don’t have normal hours, but occasionally it means people can get back to me when they have time.

Challenge 6

I even know a few people who keep similar hours as mine. So, if you text, put a bandaid on your text finger or thumb and every time you go to text, see how long it takes you to change your behaviour and routine to use a different finger or method.

Your Welcome!

Challenge 5

Grumpy! But consistent!

Published August 5, 2016 by helentastic67


Grumpy! But consistent!

Once upon a time, back in the day of when I worked in clubs, I had a habit of standing near the ‘doorbitch’ off to one side.

Actually, at this point I should explain the ‘doorbitch’ was generally the ‘hot-sexy-chic’ with attitude outside checking for suitable clientele to be allowed into the venue. In this case, I am referring to the other ‘Hot-Chic’ who did none of the ‘take your money’ and give you other kind of attitude.

I used to stand to one side of her to wait for my friends to greet people I knew and assure them the next level of the club would soon be open and sometimes to give my drink-card to a grumpy patron who didn’t want to wait for their favourite DJ/floor to be open for their pleasure.

Sometimes, I stood there to be protective of the doorbitch, so I could do ‘Grumpy’ when anyone wanted to give her attitude.

Seriously! You have just walked up three flights of stairs before even paying any money! All you need to do now is pay some money (very little, really) then proceed to the bar (over-there) The DJ booth (over-there) and the dance floor (over-there)!

Have a good night!

Why the attitude?

Grumpy pants

So at times I enjoyed doing the stance of feet apart hands behind the back, polite smile but occasional snarl. Sounds bitchy – don’t I?

My boss came up to me and told me he ‘wanted me out there!’ Talking obviously, circulating and whatever.

And quite frankly, I’d been there from 9pm, I would still be there at 5am! And sometimes I didn’t want to have to be prostituted and paraded all fucking night so I would pick and choose my time Thank-you!

I would wander off to have it seem as if I was doing his bidding, but after I had done the rounds I would return to be told by the ‘doorbitch’ she didn’t care what the boss had said, she appreciated me being there. It made her feel ‘safe’!

The message here is ‘sometime you just need someone to stand out and do silent and overbearing grumpy to make sure people do their job/or just be a decent human being in this case.’

And then there’s today’s dilemma.

Tomorrow, I’m doing a day of training! A whole day! I know exciting!

Its training so I can sit on committee’s and boards and have a voice to make changes etc. Or else what’s the point of having a brain injury and the intelligence of being able to make it easier for others in the future.

Normally, on the Friday (fortnightly) I have certain services to clean my home and get taken shopping.

Trying to plan ahead, I contacted my service provider to move those services to the Thursday. I would still need a carer on Friday in the early/early morning (8am), so I could have help and be presentable and be able to get myself to the city to participate from 10.30am – 5pm!

grumpy sign language

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to speak to negotiate, demand whatever for someone to do their God-Damn job and roster people at the correct time, so I can go to this training day!

It has gotten to the point that every time the service provider has failed to get this simple request right, I’ve called on my mum to step in and fix this!

As you can imagine, it’s not the first time and I rarely ask anyone to solve these things, but eventually I think enough is enough and it shouldn’t be this hard. And you can imagine my mum is over this as well, because she first tries to manage me! Which I hate.

Because I’ve still got to deal with what I still have to do. I need to eat, have caffeine so I can go pay a bill so I can keep awake and avoid the pre-dinner kip, so I can go to sleep before midnight…

So I can wake up at 8am and hopefully have a carer here who knows my routine, so I can start the day without too many busy questions, so I can have breakfast on the train into the city.

So, I can collect a coffee before going into training and so I can retain information and contribute not just to the training but to the community and to life.

Sometimes, I want my mum to do silent and grumpy and overbearing to get shit done…

Grumpy cat party animal




Published April 8, 2016 by helentastic67



So, sometimes I want to post a blog, just so I can tell people of my accomplishments. And I can but by the time you hear about them a month or more would have come to pass, but it’s the perfect Segway to me telling you about my process and intern my wonderful administrator.

My process starts with me trying to practice “mindfulness”.

Sometimes I’m waiting for the right thing to happen to trigger a post coming together, just right in my mind. I like to write with pen and paper. Old school.

Then, because of my many issues or deficits, whatever I have been stuck with that for about 5 years that I’ve been planning this blog and talking about it.

And I guess it’s taken a while for a few things to fall into place. Admittedly I was slow to get on the Social Media thing, and a bit longer to be introduced to the right person.

And that is how I met my Administrator!

She is my wizard who made my blog become a reality. More of this hero in a moment, but first I write long hand, copy and post about once a month. So far (Scanned once and emailed) and send to someone in Sydney who types my blog posts up, emails to me for final editing and then after she does some final searching for pictures and some networking “she posts”.

And she be my friend Noelle. And I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to tell you about her, so will pause here…..

Sometimes, I want to brag about the things I’ve just achieved, one-handed, but now there is no time.

I often debrief via text to check in with him.

Sometimes they go something like this;

“Had Chiro and Acupuncture today. And if I had a husband I’d be all over that as well!”

Over time I will tell you of my friends. I hope you will understand more about me and what I value by the friends I keep.

Also don’t be confused by the dates on my posts. I am a prolific writer and have been preparing and writing for this blog for years, so at times I will pull something out of my archives.

If and when I do it will be because it’s still current.

Or I’m still really angry about it….

Not all Doom and Gloom

Published November 26, 2015 by helentastic67

Not all doom and gloom

I would like my blog to be something more than dark matter.

Doom and Gloom about disability, so as I had a life before I developed my diagnosis. Thirty plus years of normal life and a really good memory to draw from, so on a lighter note; here’s a little amusing story that I hope people appreciate.


In the very late 90’s I moved back to the country side with my mum and younger sister. I was there for 2 very long years. About once a week we make a trip to the country town I grew up in, about an hour away. Just outside town there is a sign on a gate to a property. The sign clearly states “Cattle!” Shut the Gate. We had many discussions that the cows must be ‘smart cows!’

Fast forward to about 4 years later and I was sitting at my desk, living in Melbourne working.

It wasn’t an extremely happy workplace as I was working for an NGO and had been there for about 3 years always applying for my job and being bullied by some colleagues who had no shame, collecting their pay, despite the fact they spent more time trying to get out of doing their jobs, than actually doing their jobs, which would have been easier.

So this particularly tense day in the office my phone pinged and I quickly glanced at my phone. The text message was from my younger sister. Four simple words that made me laugh so hare I couldn’t breathe and I had tears pouring from my eyes.

Clearly, not the best reaction in an open office, when two staff across the office want you gone and would not be at all thrilled to hear you enjoying “work”.

In front of me, about 4 metres away were my two admin. They both looked at me like I was a little peculiar.

One of the admin was a petite older woman with not a great deal of confidence. I smiled at her and beckoned her over with my finger.

I couldn’t just show her the text as it would have been completely out of context. But I couldn’t immediately tell her either as I was still laughing.

After a little while, I told her and with her British upbringing she patiently awaited the punch line.

The text plainly stated;-

“Smart Cows Got Out!”

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