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Fat Furniture

Published May 18, 2018 by helentastic67

Fat Furniture

Fat Furniture

Who loves a good classic piece of furniture? But hates how disability makes us fat. Well, strap in you will love this post.

The early days of my disability I started to get just a tiny little jelly belly, yes, it’s how it starts.

Jelly Belly

I used to create a diamond shape around my belly button and push together so it resembled the buttons on a Chesterfield couch.


Then I got my disability and I could only do it one handed, not nearly as effective, clearly.

My belly has gotten bigger. Yeah, it’s the only word for it. Bigger, still jelly, but bigger. But there are rare moments I actually appreciate having a belly. I know right?

After disability

Last week I departed home on my Hellonwheels and halfway down the street, running late for my local appointment I heard the clown horn on my phone in the satchel bag, on the back of my scooter. Running late, couldn’t stop to check it, have to prioritize and get to where I’m going, then check it.

Running late

Around the corner on the High Street, to the pedestrian crossing, press the button for the lights to change and grab phone. The lovely Noelle, start to respond, we have an understanding we text when we can, but when we’re busy we let the other person know we are unavailable.

Unavailable 1

So, I tucked the phone on the top of my thigh under my belly. Not the safest option for an iPhone, I didn’t pay off on contract. The first and only phone I’ll probably ever get funded, but I don’t have any tummy muscles, so think I’m safe.

Hiding Phone

So, there you go, a bonus from having a disability.

Bonus Disability

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