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Don’t Worry

Published March 28, 2022 by helentastic67

Don’t Worry

We have made our way out of the 2nd Covid lockdown in Melbourne 2020 and people have been talking about all the vivid dreams they were having. ‘Only during Covid’ I ask.  I always have very vivid dreams; I greet my carers in the morning with “I had a crazy dream!”

They literally shrug their shoulders like “What’s new?” years ago, I had to start what has become a tradition. I said to a friend “I had a dream; you were in it” he then made a bit of a hopeful questioning noise and I responded, “Don’t worry we had clothes on” To his great disappointment.

Evil laugh.

So, ever since I’ve always stated that line on every comment when I’m telling someone they were in my dream the night before. You were in my dreams last night. Don’t worry, we had our clothes on and I’ve often received responses. “Why would you say that?” A little disturbed.

So, try it next time you have a dream and someone is in it. Tell them they featured and they had their clothes on. Then explain the context.

Is this how legends begin?

Birkies – Part 3

Published January 24, 2020 by helentastic67

Birkies – Part 3

Yes, I’m finally getting back to it, part three. I’ve given you the context, but the reason you needed the context was for this part. I had a dream the other day, I don’t generally dream about places I’ve lived except the previously mentioned house I lived with my favourite housemate “B”.

For a few years I lived there alone with B and after a year of the house being in some form or other of needing repairs after a horrible storm, where I was home alone trying to prioritise if I rescued my thing’s or B’s (The answer is both, but mine first) and the last few years (we were there four years all up) my then boyfriend moved in, making it cleaner and cheaper.

But I dream about it sometimes, crazy dreams where I’m in my old bedroom, on a bed that isn’t made, the bed is higher off the ground and I’m leaning back against pillows and there are two young children (not mine, I don’t have any) playing on the bed.

My mum is out and girls are on the pillows around me. There are other details I recall from this dream too, but don’t seem relevant and I remember them for weeks without any idea why this seems important to revisit.

I’ve recently increased my very mild anti-depressants to help with my “Crazy Bitch Hormones” and sleeping problems. Although the dreams are getting weirder and my desire to hurt people has not diminished.

I’m debating with whether this as the happiest time in my life and this is why my subconscious returns there? But the dreams are always vivid and immaculately detailed.

Why am I hiding under the round formed dining table in the room that was B’s bedroom? What am I even doing inside? How can they not see me?

Can the manufacturers of anti-depressants get this shit sorted out? I never took drugs in the 90’s, so it’s all new to me and I don’t like it.

Sort this shit out please!

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