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Hot off the Press – 31st July 2017

Published July 31, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 3107a

And another week has passed and I’m wondering what a Normal week should look like? Monday, saw my shrink. I do love the adventure of going to the city, doing a little hunter/gather and ticking a few mental things off my list.


Ironically Tuesday crashed and burned, did not have a good day. The flattest, saddest day I’ve had for a while. Just couldn’t do Person, let alone adult or human-being.

Crash and burn

Sick of family not doing what they have committed to, some family not helping at all and other family forgetting I live alone without so much as a cat! They dump their attitude on me! Always makes me think of when some old lady(parent) cries that her beautiful son has died by their own hand and didn’t even have the decency to leave a note to say why? Seriously, going back to bed until I’ve had enough sleep so I can better deal with the day! (as the roadwork continues outside!)

Wednesday, comes together nicely despite no Young John to tease me and scoop me up and make my life easier. I actually scootered a bit on Monday, then got around by tram, train, lots of steps on my pedometer around the city before another tram ride home.


Thursday, roadworks a constant out on my street, I had a much nicer massage at home from my lovely Caroline. I made sure the rest of the day was very low key.


Friday, a newish carer took me out shopping, no pet shops this week sadly. Tried to not stress out my new carer I’ve got for the next month of Fridays. She is young and some of her giggly humour reminds me of my younger sister. She has a little fresh wit I like from my carers.

Friday 1

Have been on the serious Provo-trail this last week or so attempting to save some money, or catch up on rent. A friend advised the best way to save money is to not buy food! What the? You heard!
So, I’ve contacted the two major not for profit welfare agencies. Yield? $60 of which I think the checkout chic may have kept $20 of it, as it did not come off my groceries and I still spent some of my rent. All the bills are paid and the healthy pills restocked. So, now to catch up on rent.

Friday night I was out for dinner with my Boo. Wait! I haven’t been hiding anything. My Boo (sweetheart name) is a I lovely gay friend, and I had been unable to convince our friend Damo to come out. We went to a Greek restaurant and while the entree was ok, the main was substituted for a more expensive option. Not going back there.

Greek menu

Really want to go visit George at Helenic Republic and not just because it has my name on it!
My Boo once worked for the likes of Gordon Ramsey but now works in the Disability sector. He politely informed them what we had ordered versus what they gave us. They looked at me as if my ‘Date’ was trying to show off and that I was dating the wrong guy. Nice, right? My gay friends are the straightest looking men you will ever meet and the benefits for me is I know they like spending time with me for my stela personality.

Have ticked off 5 plus comics this last week. I started a sixth but it got dark. Sunset is around 5.30 at the moment and it snuck up on me. Looking forward to the spring blossoms outside my bedroom window just around the corner. Don’t plan on moving until then. Not that I have seriously been looking.

Forwent the single girl date night this week as I was getting into a show I couldn’t stop watching. You probably realise I watch a great deal of TV, it’s my thing. It’s how I switch off my very busy brain. It’s what entertains me and often how I mark time passing. Sounds ridiculous but…… So, I’m always behind. The distraction this week I will describe as this; Netflix, Baz Lehrmann, the Bronx, Late 70’s Disco and the Black Music scene that later became Hip Hop. Think Beastie Boys but black and all the classic 70’s clothes, cars and graffiti. And then you have a show called the Get down. Only 11 episodes, the first 90 minutes long and the rest an hour each. I know some people won’t commit to watching a show unless it’s more than a season however I understand this show was so expensive to make they couldn’t do more than a season. Baz Luhrmann does a great job though you can never say he doesn’t. I think the soundtrack would be a must have. For something very different from Helen’s normal.

Get down

The weekend has ended with a rare but welcome visit from a friend who lives hours away, but when working in this part of Melbourne for a day will come and stay over at the Chateau de Helen. Have I mentioned I’m lucky I have a spare bedroom? Single bed but….better than nothing. Phillip, I’ve known for 20 years from when he and his wife owned a toy shop in my country town that I grew up in, at a time I lived back in that area for two years in the late 90’s.  His kids were just little kids then but now are all grown up. Phillip is often my tech-support and while I barely speak Apple he has a PC brain. There is lots of disrespect for Apple and lots of me telling his where to go. But between the two of us, we upgrade and de-bug my laptop! And he’s off to bed hours before me. So, here I am writing this post before I start my wind-down. Supper and a Cuppa T, I think and maybe I might make my curfew of 1am. Closer to 1 than 2 isn’t really getting 1am………but I’m trying.

Computer wiz

My left shoulder is hurting, I’ve obviously done something. I can’t feel a drag of the muscles over my shoulder and down the front of my neck. Think I’ll be asking my Chiro to tape it this week. She prompts how much/where? I will be suggesting she put layers down, pull it up and put it just everywhere, front and back of my left shoulder prompting a laugh from her. “Just put it everywhere!”


To another crazy adventurous week. Trying to get the digits up on the pedometer to make Young John proud.

And hoping I get that final follower to get me to 100, not that I get that much feedback in the form of Likes, I know I have my small number of serious followers who like and comment. To you few, luv your work!

Good week

Hot off the Press – 24th April 2017

Published April 24, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 240417

Hot off the Press!

Another weekend has passed. Sadly, there is much ‘admin’ I still did not get to.
Including going back to revisit and edit last Friday’s post.

Autumn has settled in Melbourne and I had my first weekend of my lounge resembling a Chinese laundry. Right now, it’s Sunday night and I need to go to sleep before 3am, as has been the habit the last few nights. I have just not been able to switch off. I have however been catching up with some old friends. Making new friends, getting to know them and saying good bye until another season. I am, of course referring to my TV shows. Been doing some serious catch up. The basics go like this;
The Shooter, meh? It’s good. But you can live without it. If you are scratching around for something to entertain you, then give it a go. It’s 10 episodes so not a huge commitment.

Watching TV

Next, Blacklist Redemption, if you haven’t seen Blacklist then get it together. If your debating the spin-off. Must watch! It’s 8 episodes and you will want more but be ok that it’s a short and sweet season. Lastly, I caught up on Suits, I kinda save the best to last with this one. If you haven’t seen any of it I’m not going to tell you too much except to say watch it. Nice guy screwed over by the system? Trying to do good, not in the mood much for critiquing sadly.

Finally switched off the brain tonight and forced myself to single task. I put on the 2016 reboot of the film Hackers. You know the 90’s original is how Angelina and Johnny Lee Miller met and later married. Great setting in New York and even better soundtrack. This version, not so much. I don’t think I’ll be watching it over and over again like the original. Next!

Switching off Brain 1

Off to the city to see my shrink tomorrow. I prefer to use that term (more fun) although to be fair she is a Psychologist/Social Worker. I’ve been seeing her for 10 years and I’m still not ‘fixed!’ (A little mental health humour)

My weekdays, are becoming very busy. Autumn has meant it gets dark around 6pm and that means I try to be home around 5pm. Most of my appointments out of the house are around what ‘normal’ people consider lunchtime to mid-afternoon. Lately, I’ve had to scramble home to be collected to go to an inspection to see properties while in my price range are tiny shoeboxes. I just want to hurry up and relocate so I can get my new fur-baby or just settle in and stay here.
Then of course, I’ve been getting another carer around dinner time to help with food prep. That could be actual food prep or admin or folding clothes to be perfectly clear. I’ve even started outsourcing the preparation of my pill containers. Everything in the effort not to be still doing emails at midnight. Such is this rubbish form of retirement I find myself doing.

On the upside, after an 18-month period where Stupidlink have struggled to do much right, they did finally    decided I am still eligible for my Disability Support Pension. Good for them, right? I did walk into a Stupidlink with my Mum and announce who I was and that I was sorry I was late for my JCA (Job Capacity Assessment) appointment and the staff member replied that, that was for people with a disability! I motioned to my arm in the sling, my walking stick and the badges explaining my low vision. I’m sure I gave her a frown and she apologised. Hidden disability or just plain stupid, I ask you?

Anyway, the cold has gone but the little wheezy cough has returned, not happy at all.
Oh, one last thing before signing off, I visited a pet shop a few weeks ago. No, not the kind with cages and pets for sale, but the kind with pet food and grain and such. I knew they had a cat in residence perhaps to help with mice and such? I went to have a pat and perhaps some ‘Love’ (not meaning to be creepy) that cat was so fickle! Must have sensed the recent grief from losing Jamima wash over me and that cat wouldn’t come near me.

To the start of a new week! Charge!

New week

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