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Bloody NDIS

Published May 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Bloody NDIS

Part of the issue with disability and the world of funding, before the NDIS and since. Before the NDIS I had a Case Manager (further more referred to as a CM) and since the ‘new’ language, is my CM is called a Service Co-ordinator.

What’s that? You wonder who came up with that and how long it took them.

I recently changed SC (yes, Service Co-ordinator) and my first sit down meeting with her mum was here and mum and I kept using the ‘old’ language of CM. Every time my new SC corrected us. She apologized, but said she would get us in the habit of using the correct term.

I told her that was fine, because I would eventually stab her to death with a fork.

Yes, she laughed.

As has everyone else I’ve suggested it. They know I jest. But brief second their faces drain of blood is totally worth it.


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