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When Everything Was Going Well – Then

Published December 13, 2019 by helentastic67

When Everything Was Going Well – Then

Ok, this must be said first, we will never speak of it again. To be fair I will probably need to start a series and this is a very mild one, as the others are very embarrassing and will come complete with a threat of violence to any who mention them in my presence.

This is not so embarrassing, just a moment of pure frustration where everything was going so well (in my kitchen) and then all of a sudden: Just NO.

As you should be aware, I’m a pretty decent home cook, even for a one-handed numpty like myself. So, when things go somewhat sideways, I’m wondering how it happened. I have a cooking shift with a carer once weekly.

It’s with my Girl-Friday chick and we are really good working together in the kitchen. I’m the experienced ‘brain’ in the duo and my Girl-Friday is the muscle.

Don’t think for a second I give her all my shit-work. I don’t. We work really well together, I do more of the cutting of vegies, while she does the peeling, but while she has things to do, I will clean the sink and pack the dishwasher well and dictate what she needs to do next. Normally, when we bake cakes (or muffins as I can turn them out one-handed) Today, we did a double batch of some muffins I regularly do. I make them regularly and I never do a single batch. It requires a big bowl which the dry ingredients goes into (the flours, sugar, raising agents) then another (with the secret ingredient/the vanilla essence/the oils) and a third bowl to whisk the eggs. Add C to B, then to A.

Oh, what’s that? You want the recipe? No. Or I’d have to kill you all.

Some recipes I don’t give out. Never. They come with the polite threat “I can tell you, but I’ll have to kill you!”

So, today all of the ingredients were doubled, except I quadrupled the two flours and it wasn’t until Girl-Friday had mixed the wet into the dry that I stated “Why is it so dry?” 6.30pm came and Girl Friday will try to continue to ‘fix’ them and I’m more of the mind to ‘bin-it’ and move on.

I’ve been known to rescue a bechamel sauce from disaster and Girl Friday (20 years my junior, often mistaken as my daughter) is in awe.

But on a rare occasion I don’t know what the hell happened, in the end I baked ¾’s of the mixture and will try one tomorrow with a little butter to make the final decision.

While on other days we will smash out a double batch of other muffins, a batch of mushroom baskets, (including halal-friendly dozen for my neighbour) and a cauliflower and sauce.

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