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Today’s Lunch – 22nd May 2019

Published May 22, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Currently feeling hungover and seedy from the migraine I had yesterday! Why people drink I do not know? To be continued.

Today a shout out to my friend in Texas which is being hit by a tornado. You are in my thoughts. Stay safe.

To my friend in Florida, you know who you are. In Australia, cantaloupe has another name and that is Rockmelon. Not a fan either. Maybe the hubby should eat it outside?

And to my friend in Norfolk, I’m wondering if you have received your parcel? I have not heard from you for a while.

Before I get to today’s lunch offering, I’m hoping you can help a friend to reach his goal? This is also an example of how the NDIS his failing its clients.

With permission, my administrator Noelle who does my blog without charge to me, has a son who at a very young age had a stroke. This led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (C.P.) He is now 28 years young; he has never driven a car but loves V8 Supercars. Under his previous funding he had this passion financially paid for. He had day trips and overnight hotel stays paid for so he could go to the races and mingle with the drivers and grid girls. It’s how he produces his blog and website www.williamsperfectride.com The NDIA would  clearly prefer him to stay at home and not follow his passion at tax-payers expense. While V8 Supercars and such is not my thing, helping someone get to do their thing they love, is my thing. Can you please help him? Every little bit helps.


Not doing any spoilers for the final season of GOT. Will binge the whole season on the weekend.

Now, after all of that done, today’s offering is another Ortolani quiche with side salad and my medicine!

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