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Henry – Part 2

Published August 23, 2019 by helentastic67

Henry – Part 2

About twenty years ago, I lived in a house in Windsor or with my older sister in a street called Henry Street, hence the name. The landlady had left a plant in the bathroom which we were really surprised about.

We didn’t presume to imagine it was a gift so we watered it, kept it alive and when we vacated, left it in the place for whoever lived there next.

As previously mentioned, the Maiden Hair fern was the plant of choice in the 70’s and 80’s and if you could keep it alive (which I couldn’t) in the 90’s.

These days, the plant of choice in many homes and work places is the Peace Lilly. While living in Henry Street, our bathroom plant did so well, we split it and took half with us. Well, I did anyway. To this day, I have Henry with me. Well, I’ve got five pots of Peace Lilies.

I can even tell you which plant for a time lived in the backyard waiting for it to resurrect itself. The boyfriend of the time, kicked at the pot stating “that’s dead, we aren’t keeping that” I’m a wait and see type of gardener, he didn’t hang around long enough to see it return, but that’s his loss.

I often get told my plants are doing so well because they see the flowers.

I then have to tell them (and again not punchline) “I hate to tell you, but that is the plant saying Fuck, I’m dying. I better throw out some kids, so maybe they will survive.”

Again, they are also coming inside this winter. They definitely suffered outside last winter and managed to come back, but this winter I’m not putting them through it.


Today’s Lunch – 8th May 2019

Published May 8, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Was in the city yesterday and as I got off the train at Flinders Street station the announcement came over the loudspeaker, “Welcome to Flinders Street station, it’s currently 14 degrees in Melbourne.” and my internal commentary replied “Yes, it is!”

I’m considering my full-length pants already, which is my winter option and it also means no pocket! I miss having pockets!

Need some more calm today, to catch up on some writing. and eating so today’s offering is an Ortolani quiche with a side salad and medicine.

I’m also commiserating I didn’t get into a short course I had applied for that would make me eligible to sit on a board. There were 2000 positions that exist in the corporate sector that could have the potential of me taking the next step toward advocating for people with disabilities. Otherwise, I shall have to keep blogging my brains out. Fine! I can do that too.

Also, I know others have more however! I now have 236 followers, still growing and working out how to get more likes and comments/feedback without selling out. Feeling needy but only because I too have needs.



The Seasons

Published January 21, 2018 by helentastic67


The Seasons

The weather is Melbourne is always a heated topic. Everyone gets grumpy in Winter because it’s so cold. I think I’ve coped better this Winter as I’ve had an electric blanket.


Spring was over before I could get it together and write a decent post about it.

Living here is the best in Spring, there is a peach tree outside my bedroom window. While it was raining a lot in the early part of Spring, watching the tiny green come out on the peach tree followed by the sudden burst of blossoms.

Peach Tree

It’s like watching a slow-mo nature documentary. Then the gust of wind blows the blossom away and now the end of November, Summer is really here.

The butter on the kitchen bench has become a melted oil slick, the jar of Coconut oil is about to follow the butter into the fridge.

Butter melting

I want to bake some cookies later, I wonder if I can do it without turning the oven actually on? Definitely can’t do it while I’m in the kitchen.


Clothes dry on the line in no time at all. Bonus!

The best positive of all.

My coffee takes one minute and 10 seconds less to prepare. I get the bottle of prepared coffee from the fridge, pour into a glass, add milk, some sugar and stir.



Hot off the Press – 28th August 2017

Published August 28, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 2808

Really needing this week to be far less busy and chaotic. Noelle informed me last week’s Press Release was akin to a short story. So, let’s put out for much less chaos.

Monday dawned cold and wet so decided I’m too poor to pay for taxis to my only appointment so I reconsidered and cancelled. Had an extra day to my weekend and did some advocacy for a friend who has had the NDIS fail him so badly he has rejected the help completely. He also has no case manager and no carers. He obviously needs an advocate and a new planner from the NDIS so I’ll work on advocating for him to get those next.

Cold weather

Ironically, if I do a little advocacy for others I’m heard and they get results however when I do it for myself there is a consensus that I don’t need to be taken seriously because I just have a brain injury! Apparently, I don’t matter.

God forbid! A client is smart enough to know when I’m being given sub-standard service and wise enough to make you feel some guilt about it. One of us is being paid for living like this and it’s not me!

So, back to less chaos.

Made it to 4.30pm and decided I really did deserve a kip……….woke at 6.30, barely in time to fit in a coffee. Back to emails, which are never ending……and felt the need to give a smack down to someone in my ABI community.

Brain injury

The biggest problem with brain injury is often that as it is something we have in common we are presumed to be herded together to socialise and advocate. Not a single ABI is like another. Everyone has different funding, supports, support needs and empathy and compassion for anyone and everyone else. Housing situation, family, etc etc.

I have really stepped back from all ABI groups and last week’s art project was a rarity on my behalf. So, after attempting to explain to another in this community I eventually repeated and delivered a sharp “Go forth and multiply!” Although not as eloquently as that…….next!

FYI; False alarm in the finale of GOT. I am a week early meaning I now must wait in anticipation like everyone else. I don’t know if you are aware, however I don’t have patience for all things.


Tuesday! myo/Remedial! So, needed that. The student worked on my back and both my arms, and when working on my left arm was surprised when my left hand flared open.

Wednesday! Remember my suggestion for needing a less dramatic week? Yeah, well……..
T, a good friend scooped me up in time to get to see what I hope will be my new home. T, helped do the application forms and after a short trip to the police station to sign a statutory declaration, a drive to the city to drop the forms straight to the real estate agent. I even did a flight of stairs! Up and down.

Appartment hunting

After my initial feedback that they had an accessibility issue, I left her by telling her if I got down the stairs my application should go to the top of the pile, if I fell? I should get the apartment! (She got my humour) As I got in the car I could feel muscles in both my legs I don’t recall ever having.
After being delivered to my fav lunch haunt and no time to smash out my foodie post, apologies. Hope you appreciated the extra well thought out /structured post? Inhaled lunch, something different ironically. Delicious pancetta quiche with side salad. And the standard medicine………..
And then off to Chiropractor!


Quick debrief with the younger Associate Chiro on GOT! I peaked too early and binged the first six episodes of the season a whole week before the season finale, meaning I have had to wait on tender-hooks like all the other plebs! My debrief with him was had with me, wide eyed, raised eyebrows and very short statements. He smiled and agreed and then my Chiro broke it up with “C’mon! Quick back to work!” We parted ways me responding “Yes, Mum!” Humorously.


Already had a migraine from the chaotic day. Tram, acupuncture. (Took out my own needles for efficiency) and off to the beauticians for a quick underarm wax! Taxi home and chores, chores and more chores. Turned out to be a great day for ducks! (it is standard end of winter/start of spring rainy season)

Thursday, now this is the ticket! Very quiet day at home. So happy, with sore legs from doing those stairs Wednesday, but still happy days!


Friday, before lunch, had sheets on the line already! In Winter (well, practically spring in Melbourne!) Then received the hideous news, I didn’t get the apartment I applied for. Apparently, the winning applicant could take possession on Monday. While I’m yet to give notice as I can’t afford to be homeless and cannot do transitional housing. I would have scrambled to get funding to pay rent on the new place while I gave notice here. This is the 3rd place in as many months I’ve applied for that I didn’t get. My new fur-child again not here. Feeling like a loser! Had my young carer who does my shopping, homecare and food prep and had plenty of laughs to cheer me.


Huge laundry weekend and at least one decent day to get through it all. Happy to be off grid as of right now, being midnight! And looking forward to getting shrunk Monday!

Off-grid Saturday as quiet as it should be, single girl date night again spent consuming the build-up of shows on my Toppy. Princess Diana has been very well covered in recent weeks. Some shed a few tears, obviously, other distractions. No complaints at all. Just going to be a challenge to snap back into full Adult mode for Monday! It looks like I’ll be doing it with a twinge of a migraine. Super!

off the grid
Only managed to read three comics last week, believe there is another Joss Whedon comic to add to my shopping list. That being Dollhouse. I’m sure it can wait until I’m a little more caught up. I imagine comics are a more affordable medium than producing TV series that may or may not be green-lit for future seasons.

The finale of season 7 of GOT (Game of Thrones) airs tonight. I will watch it later Monday! Woe is me! I know my followers likely don’t understand the appeal of GOT so I promise one day I will attempt to explain. But not now.

GOT game over

To another stress-free week.

Stress free week

Hot off the Press – 24th July 2017

Published July 24, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot of the Press

Hot off the Press!

Very happy that I’ve followed through on my commitment to provide a current snapshot of Life with Hellonwheels. Going to guesstimate it’s now 2 months.

In recent weeks, I’ve attempted to make a serious commitment to get to bed early. You will already be aware I am NOT a morning person, unless it’s between 12am and 2am! So, attempting to set a realistic achievable goal of 1am, I failed every night the first week, although, if 1.04am, I consider that a win! The last four nights I’ve managed to get into bed before 1am and I can’t wait to get an eye roll from Ms Jillian tomorrow for my monthly head-check. I will get lots of steps on my pedometer to more than make up for it.

Early night

Have had a very busy week and while I usually see my lovely Young John at least three times a week, he’s off to Greece today for at least five weeks with his wife Young Betty.


As he never charges me, so I have to consider realistically which of my appointments I can live without. I now need to taxi ($$$) to appointments or rug up and walk to the tram and cater to the fact that I will get wet. I can’t use both my walking stick and an umbrella.

We are over the halfway point in winter in Melbourne but this is the wettest part of winter and the start of Spring.

Thinking to do like a bear and hibernate. Plenty of TV to watch, currently watching some Hawaii 5 Oh! To trick myself into thinking it’s not so cold. It’s not working.


Oh, the start of the week saw my mum here for about 24 hours. This week both my parents celebrated their birthdays. 68 and 69, I think. Young compared to many of my friend’s parents.

Happy birthday

Visited the pet shop again to check on Ralph’s fate. He had been adopted the day before and another cat had also come and found a new home. Another to arrive that day and still no new fur-child for me. Sad face. But the trip to the pet shop revealed there will be a Cat Lounge opening in August in a neighbouring suburb. FYI: Lounge presumably is a fancy name for a cafe, in a suburb I wouldn’t consider fancy. But until I move and/or get my new fur-child I foresee myself being a regular visitor.

Fur baby

The drama of finding carers has continued. Last Monday I went to the top and sent a polite but brief text to the CEO (what? He told me I could call him!) and within an hour I received an email of my roster. So, definitely doing that again.

Still adding to the mental list of how many carers have seen me naked. The least favourite thing about having and needing carers to do the most simple and mundane of tasks. I’ve decided to cancel four of my FP (food preparation) shifts this week. I need a break from the rostering nightmare and staff changes. If I have to micromanage someone I might as well do it myself. If it’s something I can’t do one-handed it can wait.


Still no new shoes to speak of. Starting to get murderous thoughts at the powers that be ‘getting in my way’.

The NDIS is supposed to be life changing. Then why do I have blisters on my toes? Less travel assistance and I am forced to trim my own fingernails on my left hand until I butcher them as I don’t know how short I cut them until they hurt! My chiropractor put my rib back in and it was bruised for days yet, that was something my CM decided warranted an incident report to assist me getting my monthly chiropractor bill covered. Here’s hoping.


Lastly, my anniversary White Tail Spider bite flare up has returned. So, it’s as itchy as hell and the skin peeling is about to start again.

White Tail spider

Oh, I got through three comics this week and also filed away the ones I’ve read this year. Going to need a new achieve box soon. I’ll try to read a few more comics before I make my next pilgrimage to the comic shop. I do this every three months.


To a less chaotic week ahead!

Have a great week

Winter Part 2

Published December 23, 2016 by helentastic67


Winter Part 2

When Winter hit’s I’m always reminded of going clubbing during Winter. The 3-5 nights a week of clubbing has finally caught up with me!


Those nights of walking up a narrow street in the city to one club where the buildings towered either side of us and acted like a wind tunnel blowing right through whatever you were wearing.

Usually a cute little Dotty dress, layers of tights covered by a long black leather jacket. My friend and I would catch our breath at a particularly cool gust of wind and convince ourselves once we were inside it would be better.


Once inside we had the opposite problem, Jackets safely kept on the top floor with our favourite DJ in the booth.

I will leak some tidbits about my club days in time, but I find it ironic that these day’s I think it’s been 2 or 3 years since I last ventured out to a club. It was the 23rd reunion of the first club I ever worked at. It was Spring and some people I hadn’t seen for all of the years since. These days, as of making up for a miss-spent ‘youth’, I spend every night on my couch alone, eating my dinner and watching TV. Alone, weird how life is right?


Winter Part 1

Published December 19, 2016 by helentastic67



It’s the second day of Winter in Melbourne. (Although by the time you read this, I don’t know. I’ve just sent another batch of post to my Administrator). And I don’t know what it is but the last few years Winter has taken me a little by surprise. I seem despite no longer being a size-skinny, I really feel the cold.


The first Winter after my “Stroke” (Stroke, but not a stroke!) I need to give up my flannelette sheets. I wear flannel pj’s in Winter and bedsox’s and flannel on flannel when trying to rollover when ½ your body doesn’t comply is like Velcro. I’d roll to my right and the top sheet would follow leaving my back to get cold.


I moved to my current home, a spacious unit 3 ½ years ago and the first Winter I rolled the radiator heater into my bedroom and switched it on.

I convinced myself I would only have it on at night! Then, I told myself I would only have it on, on weekends! Then, I got my next power bill!

Nearly died! Took that heater, unplugged it and rolled it back into the spare room. Haven’t used it since.

I saw an elderly gentleman on A Current Affairs program a few years ago discussing how hard it was to live on a pension. I quote him when I say “It’s heat or eat”.


It’s a horrible thought that I can’t afford to do both. I really can’t do eating disorders as food inspires me and gives me great joy to shop (Ouch $$$$) and even more to send out my texts to have people come collect my ‘treats’.

But it would seem I can’t afford to heat either.

To be completely clear, I don’t cope in Summer either! 25 Degrees C is my limit! 40 Degrees C means I stay in the lounge with the air con on! I have just officially become an old person.



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