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Published April 23, 2018 by helentastic67



Heard some BS last week, that made my blood boil. So, I guess you should realise initially it was about Public Houses, seriously can’t wait until housing is no longer an issue for me. Can someone tell me when that will be? I’ll put it in my diary.

Blod boil

What’s that? Previously mentioned, I can’t afford to live past 65 years old, so I guess when I get put in the ground, I’m getting cremated, so forget about it.

Cant afford to live

After a brief interlude back to my issue at hand. Heard a story last week about a family who came to Australia way back when, they were given Public Housing in Fitzroy and when the parents made their ‘millions’ (this is how it was quoted to me) they moved out to the suburbs and left their kids behind in the housing provided for them by the government, all so the kids could easily commute to University.

Public housing

Um? Did I mention I left home at 19 years old, so I could go to College? Because home was 3.5 klms away in the country. Perhaps I should have applied for Public Housing as I didn’t get rent assistance back then and I studied full time and had a casual job after College and at Christmas time I’d transfer my casual job back home, just so I could pick up the seasonal work on a Blueberry farm. Also, I would get up at 5am to get ready to travel thirty minutes to start work at 6am, work until 4pm get home in time to shower, inhale some food and to my ‘other’ job by 5pm until 9pm.


Some Christmas break, right?

So, yeah, I really don’t want to be in some high-rise in Fitzroy. I also don’t want to be in a constant state of hyperventilation either. I just can’t breathe.

High rise living

New Years Eve

Published March 2, 2018 by helentastic67

New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve

For weeks now, I’ve been excited (slight exaggeration) for plan’s for celebrating New Year’s Eve. Again, likely months ago now. Requests and offers of people coming to me, all politely declined.

Staying home

For the ten years I worked in clubs in my 20’s, meant every New Year’s Eve was out at a club I was working at.

Working New Years Eve

Sure, all my friends were there and it was like a huge friendly party with great music. But I still had to work.

These days, I don’t often go out in the evenings, if I do it’s with a friend who drives and they look after me, door to door.

It’s not a crowded and busy affair and ideally, I don’t come home so exhausted, I fall over just trying to make a cup of tea.

Cup of tea

My ideal New Year’s Eve these days, is being in bed alone by midnight, there is nothing more tragic than seeing in the New Year by watching some count down on TV.

In bed

Really, what’s the difference between 11.59pm, one night every year and 12.01am the following morning?

And New Year’s resolutions? Pass!

No New Years Resolution

Wait! For life to get easier, less stressful, for there to be money, peace, to catch up on my comics. No really, love.

OK, that’s enough…

Happy New Year



Published September 29, 2017 by helentastic67



My Mum once called me a gypsy, I’ve moved so many times since moving out of home. When I was a poor art student, my parents covered my rent while I paid for everything else. I also worked a casual job and at Christmas time when I went home to take a break, I transferred my supermarket job back to the country and also did a seasonal job. Not much of a break, I know, but still a change of scenery.


Before I moved out of home, I saw a comedian on a show who must have lived in St Kilda back in the 80’s. He made a joke, to never sit down and work out what you have spent on rent, because you will want to kill yourself.

Good advice, so I never have.

I have often wished my parents had been able to afford a deposit on “something” way back then, but I guess all the area’s I’ve lived in over the years would not have happened. When I first moved to Melbourne, I moved to Brunswick.

Brunswick St 1

It wasn’t hipster cool back then, but it was cheap. Before long, there I was living in South Yarra, just off Chapel Street.

Chapel St

It was the cheapest rent I’ve ever paid in Melbourne. It was not the nicest place I’ve rented, but in many ways living there signifies the beginning of many great things.

I still remember what I paid for the room in a share house with 1 other. $262.15 per calendar month.

Hell, I wish I paid that per week these days.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been informed of another rent increase and a new lease to sign in December. It will have happened already by the time you read this. I will be going into my 5th year living here by myself.

Rent increase

And it’s such a hassle to look at relocating, I’m likely to just suffer the increase.


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