Comics – Part 1

Published October 10, 2016 by helentastic67



And I’m excited to announce I actually finished reading a comic yesterday! A comic!! I know right? Comics not much reading involved because the pictures tell so much of the story.

It might surprise people to know, I used to read a lot! I always had a book on my bedside table and would go to bed at night to read a few chapters before sleep.


I’ve always been an avid reader, crime novels, murder mysteries and when my favourite authors have slacked off (in between) I would collect a pile of bodice-rippers from the library.

I guess, this leads me to what is the last thing I have lost and I hope it is the last thing I do to lose.

I find myself standing in shops and on streets looking for something or someone and who or what I’m looking for will be in my blind spots.

I actually will do some isles in the supermarket twice so that I don’t miss stuff.

I find I squint a lot in general. While sitting in a parked car or café, or I have a grumpy look on my face. I refer to that facial expression as my ‘Default face!’ Others refer to it as my “Resting Bitch Face!” Charming.


When I’m out with young Janus, shopping and maybe when we get to the checkout he will ask what’s wrong.

Normally I banter all the way around the supermarket and if I’m quiet he is concerned I’m not well. I usually respond with ‘I’ve powered down’. Or have gone into ‘sleep mode’ and if he’s particularly concerned I’ll just tell him ‘I’m Okay! I’m not having a stroke!’

Oh, good times…………….


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