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Sensory deprivation is a weird thing. But I can best describe it as this; When I was about 23 years old having a tickle fest with a boyfriend, I was much less ticklish on my left and that was before my “stroke, not stroke.”


There have been times I’ve been leaning forward digging around my front loader washing machine and I go to slam the door shut and I have an intense pain in my left hand. Crap! My left arm has dangled forward and my hand has found its way inside the door, minor problem, but other times like yesterday, I took an oven tray from the oven, put it on the stove top and moved slightly to the right to work on the small amount of bench space to the right of the stove.

Took me a moment or three to feel an annoyance to my left hand. It was an annoyance until it hurt and I stopped what I was doing to investigate. My left hand was leaning against the tray I removed it and continued with the task at hand. (no pun intended).

Hours later, I was sitting on the couch (seriously, 7 hours later) and I was scratching at an annoyance on my left hand, then I stated rubbing it.

Left Hand burn

Finally, I looked at my hand, yes, I had burnt it and I’d broken the skin.

Cream, bandaid and off to bed.


Don't itch


So, this is often how sensory or sensation awareness plays out particularly when you’ve lost some…

sensory awareness


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  • That is so hard! It seems so disproportionately punishing to incur so much pain doing a simple routine thing–but that’s what happens. I can be pretty clumsy and reap pain I didn’t think could hurt that much because nothing could hurt that much. In short, I understand your frustration. ❤

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  • How frustrating to have to LOOK to see what’s going on with a part of your body that used to inform you through sensations. Every time I read another of your posts my admiration for your attitude increases. You are an excellent model for me when my internal grump comes out and I forget to be grateful for the many things that most of us take for granted until we no longer can. Thank you for that – but I wish it were not so for YOU.

    The brain is a miraculous organ, but strange in the ways in which it can malfunction when injured. We need more research funding – we know so very little about how to help. I pray that your poor burnt hand heals quickly.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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